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Our Walther photo frames are quality products. They show love for detail in their perfect finish, stable backboards, the practical locking systems and the ready-made overlays. There are wooden and synthetic frames, traditional and timelessly elegant up to modern trendy profiles. There is a choice in sizes and colours for every taste.
Photo frames usually show up in every house. Contrarily to former times a photo frame nowadays will be replaced regularly, according to the style of the room.
Follow the taste and design and with or without an overlay? One can choose the natural material of wood, modern synthetic or a low-price Glass-only frame.
A frame may be provided with a hanger in the vertical or horizontal way, up to the size 18x24 cm (7x10 in.) always with an additional standard for use on a table.
Available in all sizes from 9x13 cm (3.5x5 in.) up to 40x50 cm.

aluminium photo frames

aluminium frame

Aluminium photo frames are quality photo frames, with a strip of aluminum. Browse through our range of Mobile Rack for aluminum frame. We carry all major brands such as Walther here, Nielsen and Deknudt - partial, as examples.
Special mention should here find Nielsen aluminum frame. This brand excels in quality and workmanship of uniqueness - thanks to production in Germany.
Our aluminum frames include both narrow strips, as well as aluminum frame with wider bar. Browse as an example The matching frame format - if you have a matching strips series found, you can find the right variation in shape and color and size certainly just as quickly. Most aluminum frames are supplied with normal glass - you want your frames have but with less reflective glass, we recommend the additional purchase of a clip frame with anti-reflective glass in the same frame size for sharing.

wooden frames

wooden frame

Wooden frames picture frame with a wooden bar. The natural material resulting in a large variety of possible strips shapes and surfaces. Our range of wooden caddy includes well-known brands such as Walther photo frames, wooden frame or Henzo Deknudt wooden frame. Wood frames are available in many shapes, surface and color. Just as many special formats for posters and certificates are available.
Wooden frame offer frequent and modern designs, which conform to current trends in interior design style. Wood as a frame material also enables a special surface structure, unlike other materials such as plastic or aluminum. Almost all frames are delivered with normal glass - individual series but we have also available with anti-reflective glass or acrylic glass.
In the field of wooden frame we have rearranged and polystyrene frame - cheap picture frame in wood design.

plastic picture frames

plastic frames

Picture frame with a plastic strip are referred to as plastic frames.
Cheap photo frames can be found here, as well as picture frames with special colors and finishes. Our most popular photo frames - especially as a favorable framework for records and certificates - are mostly plastic frame.
The classic bar New Lifestyle of Walther is an example here. Timeless classic and low - with significant distance and an excellent price-performance ratio are then plastic frame as a picture frame.
Plastic frames are the frame format - ie the size of the glass surface - classified. In most cases the delivery occurs to format 20x30 cm with stand on the rear wall. The caddy can always be hung up in portrait and landscape modes. Many bars are often available in different colors - you can color matched to your frame photos side by side.

clip frames

clip frames

Clip frame we use in wide range - nearly any conceivable standard sizes up to 50x70 cm we offer a unique price and with great Leaving. We carry clip under brand names such as Hama, Walther clip frame or Henzo clip frame as an example. Furthermore you will find cheap no-name image holder under the Make HNFD. Picture holders are typically low and for the framing in the public sector or for those who want the Abstaktion under. Various types of glass such as soda-lime glass - the default glass - or anti-reflective glass (with reduced mirror effect) we have on offer, such as clip frames with shatterproof Acrylgals. In particular, in public areas such as schools and kindergartens, we recommend framing with acrylic glass.
We supply large quantities like our clip frame home quickly. Our offer also includes typical DIN formats like A4 Clip frame - for framing of certificates.

gallery multi frames

multi frames

Gallery frames are multi-frame. Photo frames to accommodate multiple photos in one frame can be found here in large selection. Picture Frame for 3 pictures are available as well as an example of more than 10 photos.
In the category Photo gallery this multi-picture frames are combined with different image formats. Gallery frames are available in different materials such as wood, aluminum or plastic.
Some caddy series in the field of wooden frame, plastic frame or aluminum frame are also available as a gallery frame. Gallery frames are particularly suitable for special moments to make a photo wall.

portrait frames

photo frames

Portrait frames are photo frames for one or more photos, with special design. Photo frames are available for various image formats, which are typically intended for the fitting. Design your living spaces with elaborate table frame. There are different styles - classic Silver Plated frame or border in a country style. The selection and variety in the table frame area is unique.
Pile up portrait frame have equally elaborate backs - based, for example, with velvet. Stylish bring your favorite photo memories with photo frame advantage.
Our photo frame category is divided into different areas - the one on the format, the material and fanned in part for certain occasions. Portrait frame is available as subjects, for example, as a frame Baby frame or a romantic design - as a wedding frame. In our country-style photo frames from Clayre & Eef are appreciably - a wide range of baroque frames and frames in style Shabby.

Fancy Picture Frames play a growing role in the interior dcor. Where a few years ago there was a trend towards small photo frame with stand, today picture frames are in demand with exceptional designs than ever.

With their special strips, their wonderful accessories and their extravagant sizes they are an eye-catcher, not only in the living room. Designed to dressers, free walls, occasional furniture and children's - true to the motto - the more extravagant and larger the picture frame, the more attention for the most beautiful pictures, photos and souvenirs. Memorable begin in glass frame area - here are hundreds of photo and picture frames with no bar available. The photo is thereby inserted between the rear wall and the glass and held by simple clip fasteners. But so simple we can no longer impress us - we want to picture frames of glass that bring a great accessories with it. For example, designed a frame as easel or a framework where we also have the rear wall of glass.

Rotating Picture Frame, 3-D photo frame and photo frame with very modern bars attract the attention of the viewers. Glass frames are available in almost all image formats and offer maximum flexibility. So you can equip this with 2 photos and has the opportunity to look by turning the frame every day a new picture. Decorate 3-D picture frames with photos and small accessories, such as the first lock of her child, in memory of the holidays or even other highlights that are important to you. The special feature of these unusual picture frames is the large distance between the rear wall and glass, so your memory have enough space. Other 3-D photo frames gallery frames where each frame is arranged offset in height and side. Such photo frames are plastic and have a depth of up to 5 cm. That because all the guests amazed immediately is quite clear. Especially modern frame bars are designed as a roll of film, have incorporated ornaments like angels, mirror effects or ornaments and delight by their uniqueness. Also for all jewelery fans provides the frame area modere new framework - the new Swarovski frame series can be found in Photo Album discount in the online shop. It glitters and sparkles and shines. This extravagant photo frames are due to the incorporated Swarovski stones to look beautiful and are not often found in other. And that's what makes Unusual Setting out - we do not see in every home, in every known - no, they are small unique and reflect our individuality.

For all playful people among us should at this point of reference is not missing, that playful picture frames belonging to the category Unusual and exquisite. You can organize your photos accommodate 10x15 cm photo in wheels, Fotokarussels, enchanting in magnetic frame or in frame with mirror bar. In summary, it should be mentioned that our uniqueness and individuality is expressed through home accessories like photo frame. Let yourself browsing for unusual photo frame time and enjoy in Photo Album discount the wide range of new, modern and fun photo frame.

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