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Coasters from Clayre & Eef stand for special design

Coasters from Clayre & Eef are a typical product of the company. The brand has set itself the goal of incorporating nostalgic design into today's world. The result is living accessories in Shabby style with funny details. In our Onlineshop on coasters of Clayre & Eef in the most different variants are to be ordered. The assortment reaches from placemats in different sizes and forms up to the beercoaster.
Design your table with ppigen roses, tender points and fragrant flounces. As a lover of such romantic details, you are very well advised with a coaster from Clayre & Eef. Each article of the brand has a special statement. Particularly charming are the small fashionable details, which contrast in an interesting way with the somewhat exaggerated nostalgia flair. These contrasts make the viewer aware that a Clayre & Eef coaster is not really a yellowed attic find from great-grandmother's times, but a modern designer.

Coasters from Clayre & Eef are the top on your board

Coaster from Clayre & Eef is available in plastic in the standard size 48x33cm. In addition, there are square or round, with rose or other plant motifs. Matching the much smaller beer coasters, also square or round. Furthermore, you will find in our online shop at photoalben- woven coasters by Clayre & Eef made of cotton or noble linen with patterns from rustic to playful. As already mentioned, you can combine the different patterns of the Clayre & Eef coasters very well with each other. Because stylistically they all speak the same language. The brand also offers a wide range of cotton tablecloths with many patterns and motifs. Of course, you don't have to exaggerate the pattern mix, a rustic coaster from Clayre & Eef doesn't necessarily have to "kill" delicately blossomed cotton tablecloths. Nevertheless, many articles in the range fit together harmoniously. Most coasters are matched to each other in pastel and noodles.

Coasters from Clayre & Eef are many and yet from one family

The airy, light Hkel coasters from Clayre & Eef offer a whole different accessory rail. They fit on noble wood as a slip stopper for pictures or nip articles, or simply as a decorative eye-catcher. The fabric of these coasters by Clayre & Eef is a very fine cotton, which was used in tiny - small meshes. It is available in our online shop at in oval-rectangular or round. Also the colors correspond to the typical character of the brand. In addition to brilliant white, the Clayre & Eef coasters are also available in a covered white.
But what would the brand's range be without the modern details? First and foremost a placemat in plaid or with a small pattern on which a plate is printed. The viewer gets the confusing impression of a 3D plate at first sight. The same is offered by another Clayre & Eef coaster with cutlery on the side of the plate. The combination with a real plate results in a delightful confusion with several dimensions.

Coaster from Clayre & Eef- the specials (not) for everyone

Some coasters from Clayre & Eef belong to an exclusive line, which may not be everyone's taste, but certainly stands out and is also unique. For these specimens, three or four figures, puppies or animals are put together and placed side by side. As a whole they now form a soft but stable base. It happens that the small knitted dogs get the hot pot directly in the face. This may seem strange. In any case the figures - coasters of Clayre & Eef are however results of unusual and funny ideas. A living enrichment for your living ambience.

The coaster from Clayre & Eef is definitely not: boring. Order fancy coasters now at

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