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Transparent labels: when it comes to the content

Transparent labels are needed when something has to be labeled, which is not physically possible with a printer. But even if the printing of the original material is very complex and thus simply too expensive. For example, when perfume bottles have to be marked during a test. The bottle should not be visually defaced by a label. Writing something on the bottle by hand is not very professional. A transparent label can be quickly labeled in the printer, but still acts unobtrusive and timeless. The appearance of the product, this is certainly not changed.

Transparent labels: almost invisible

Transparent labels are versatile. So they are ideal as an invisible closure of document folders or for packages and packages. Even if documents are to be added later, transparent labels are suitable. It is almost invisible to the viewer. Transparent labels can also be used to highlight something special. Printed with a single word: "Important!", Perhaps in a different font, let the reader look where you want it.

But even if colored envelopes are to be provided with an address, own transparent labels. So you do not need to accumulate countless colors, presumably there will be a difference even then. It's enough if you have transparent labels at hand for these cases.

Transparent labels: no-label effect

With transparent labels you have the no-label effect. The transparent labels can be printed easily and individually with your printer. Glued on one sees little to nothing from the label. The result is the impression that was printed directly on the ground. So it is not surprising that transparent labels are mainly used in glass production and in the cosmetics industry. Because the label hides nothing. However, it emphasizes skillfully. When it comes to sophisticated labeling, the transparent labels are just what you need.

Transparent labels: the material

The transparent labels are weather-resistant and tear-resistant. Therefore, they are also suitable for the labeling of letters and are approved by the Deutsche Post AG as such. If you need the labels for letter mail, look for a matte surface. Glossy surfaces can not be read by the automatic mail distribution systems. The transparent labels stick to almost every material. Glass, paper, metals; as long as the surface is even, the label sticks.

Transparent labels: the right program is usually available from the manufacturer

If you want to print invisible labels, make sure when purchasing that they are suitable for your printer. In addition, the manufacturer of invisible labels can usually download free software that makes it easy for you to print the labels correctly. Since a sheet of labels should only be printed for as long as all labels are complete, you should consider how many labels you need right before printing. Unfortunately, the rest on this sheet is then no longer usable. If you occasionally need transparent labels, you can start printing on the A4 sheet from the top and cut off the sections where labels were removed to make the rest usable. Most printers can print smaller formats than A4.

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