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Cloth napkins, if you want to be special

Cloth napkins are known only to high-end restaurants and festivals such as a wedding or christening. But cloth napkins are also suitable for everyday use. In terms of patterns and colors, they are in no way inferior to paper napkins. In the gastronomy are indeed often used in white or sometimes in black, but that has other reasons. Here it is all about not having to buy countless cloth napkins to always have the right one at hand. At home, you are freer. Choose fabric napkins in one color to match the decor. You can also choose your favorite pattern. Maybe which with points? Wonderfully playful and absolutely modern.

Cloth napkins are easy on the wallet

Cloth napkins are also good for your wallet. Because these only have to be purchased once and are used again and again. They are often exchanged only after many years. At some point the gnar of time is gnawing at you or you just want to try something new. Especially colored cloth napkins have the advantage that stains, should they not go out, are not so obvious. But stains are not bad at all. Maybe there is a nice story to the spot? Maybe a red wine stain tells of the moment in which the sweetheart learned the glad news of the upcoming offspring?

Cloth napkins are good for the environment

Since cloth napkins can be used over and over again, they also protect the environment. This is heavily loaded by garbage. Each paper napkin keeps the garbage mountain growing. Cloth napkins are like new after washing and last for many years. Not to be despised is the fact that cloth napkins are always in the house, which you can not say from which paper. Either, you have tons of it in the house. Then there are snowmen on it and out there are wonderful 25 degrees. Or you have only 2 napkins out of 15 designs in the drawer. That will give a very colorful table.

Cloth napkins are beautifully folded

Cloth napkins are usually made of a solid cotton or linen fabric. They can therefore be washed and ironed well. Above all, they can also be folded well. With it you can put the finishing touch to a fine table. The cardinal cap for baptism. The rose for a summer dinner or a boat for the children's birthday. Your guests will surely be astonished and you have covered a decorative table in no time.

The cloth napkin is available in colorful or white

Cloth napkins are currently experiencing a renaissance. Were they decried for a long time as stubborn and stale, they are now found in more and more private households again. Sure, as already mentioned, they save the wallet and the environment. In our online shop you will find cloth napkins in white as well as colorful. Which is the better choice? It depends on what you want to use it for. If the cloth napkins are to be bought for special occasions, then a white cloth napkin is actually the better choice. So you are less bound to the other table decoration and white simply radiates the certain extra of elegance. If you want fabric napkins for everyday use, then also colorful copies are well suited. Buy the cloth napkins to best suit your everyday crockery. So they definitely fit on your table.

Cloth napkins with style. Sometimes elegant and sometimes extraordinary. But always cheap order now at!

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