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Paper napkins - at a glance, what it's all about

Paper napkins are not just about wiping your mouth or hands after eating. They are used today as a decorative element on the banquet table. But also to express a mood, they are particularly suitable. Spring is therefore often used for colorful paper napkins and cheerful colors. The summer is in no way inferior. The colors are complemented in late summer by strong reds and juicy yellow. In autumn, leaves are not just on the sidewalk. Even the paper napkins are autumnal. Chestnuts, dragons and pumpkins do not only decorate your rooms as decorative objects. When it comes to Christmas, of course, candles, balls, stars and angels should not be missing. In January they will be replaced by happy snowmen.

Paper Napkins for the Spring

When the first rays of sunshine attract you, it is also inside you after a color change. The snowmen on the paper napkin have had their day and come to the winter decoration in the drawer. Now, cheerful colors dominate. In our online shop, for example, you will find napkins in a rich green. As green as the first blades of grass of spring. You will also find fabric napkins with a scattered flower pattern. As an eye-catcher on the table, they will ensure a good mood at breakfast. Even when the April weather keeps a few drops of rain.

Paper napkins for the summer festival

When the living room moves into the garden, it's time for a summer party. Rigid tablecloths and fine dishes are absolutely out of place here. It should be practical and convenient. So it makes sense to use paper napkins. Gladly you can also use the leftovers from the spring here. It does not bother if not all have the same paper napkin. Unconventional? Clear! This way, you also make room for new paper napkins. Take a look at our online shop. Guaranteed new for the next picnic. Oh, it would only be summer.

Halloween paper napkins

When the summer has finally come, the days get shorter and the living room is used again, Halloween is just around the corner. How about a little Halloween party? Not just for kids the hit in autumn. In our online shop, you will not find any monsters, but beautiful decent paper napkins. Nothing should distract from your costumes. New fang stuff? Not with you? We also have napkins for Thanksgiving in our online shop.

Paper napkins for the Advent dinner

Do you still have some free time in the pre-Christmas period? Then why not have an Advent dinner? Invite friends and family and let in some Christmas lights. If you have children, you might prefer some of the gift. The smaller the little ones, the sooner they are overwhelmed with the flood of presents at Christmas. Even if each family member contributes just one gift, there are four or five gifts under the tree in a jiffy. Too much for the youngest. But if, for example, you ask the godparents to bring the gifts for a common Advent dinner, then everyone has something of it. The little ones appreciate the gift more if it does not come in a flood. Schenker, too, sees the joy in it. This is otherwise unseen, since only indiscriminately wrapping paper is torn open. Suitable for an Advent dinner we have beautiful paper napkins. Almost too good to throw away. That's exactly what they are made for. You have enough to fight with the dishes after the party. You have no work with the paper napkins. Clearing and throwing away.

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