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Multi-cutouts - your way to the excellent presentation of your pictures

The multi-cutouts of our passe-partouts serve the perfect presentation of your photos in your picture frame. Especially with several excerpts you get the possibility that numerous pictures come out at the same time outstanding. Especially personal pictures are often associated with numerous memories. Depending on your preferences, you can perfectly combine individual images and frame them together. Thus, you get in ideal overall picture, which you can use as a decorative element in your own home. Depending on your preferences, you'll get a variety of multi-clips that let you showcase any number of your pictures. Discover the many benefits of our multi-cutouts and get the most out of your photos.

Our variety of cut-outs

To hang or place your personal pictures to your liking, choose multi-cutouts that match your picture frame, so you can can optimally display several images with passepartouts. Particularly popular here are multi-cutouts in a bright color. This can be ideally combined with any picture frame. In addition, bright colors give your pictures additional luminosity, as the colors and textures are particularly effective. Thus, you get our clippings in pure white as well as in the color Chamois. Our passepartouts are also available in a wide variety of colors in our range.

You also get our multi-cutouts in different sizes. This ensures that you can use an appropriate framework of your preferences. Depending on the size of your frame, these can be perfectly accommodated in different locations. Whether on the dresser in the bedroom, at the cloakroom or in the living room - with your photos you get with our frames and multi-cutouts an ideal eye-catcher, which adorns your own four walls with personality. Both hanging, standing and ajar, your finished images can be ideally combined with other decorative items and home accessories. Unlike frames without multi-cutouts, using them gives you the ability to have any number of pictures in a picture frame at the same time.

That's why you should opt for our multi-cutouts

With our passepartouts you get high quality cardboard, which brings many benefits. First, your pictures are presented in the best possible way. In addition, you can let your creativity run wild with a variety of different colors and display your pictures according to individual preferences. Furthermore, the additional insertion of cardboard in your picture frame prevents the annoying slippage of your pictures. With multi-sections, you can also accommodate several of your pictures in one frame and present them in the best possible way. Thus, you can create contrasts by using images with different colors or patterns, or create a consistent overall picture. The staging of your pictures is of course up to you. Discover the many advantages of our multi-cutouts and visit us at any time on High-quality workmanship and uniform colors will certainly make your photos perfect. Create an absolute eye-catcher in your home!

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