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Passepartouts give you the opportunity to highlight your picture once again. emphasise your picture.

Our product range of Walther and Henzo passepartouts offers an environmentally friendly quality, precise bevel cuts, eleven finely finely graded colours in 11 different formats. Here no no wish remains unfulfilled. Our mounts are available for the frame formats 13x18 cm, 15x20 cm, 18x24 cm, 20x30 cm, 24x30 cm, 30x40 cm, 30x45 cm and 40x50 cm. They are available in the colours green black, cream, grey, chamois, dark blue, light blue, red, polar white, anthracite and snow white. A bevel cut passepartout is an additional insert for your frame. It lets your photo particularly well in a large frame. We recommend the use of a passe-partout if your photo format does not correspond to the frame size.

Bevel cut mounts for picture frames

Passepartouts are available in countless multi-cutouts available - if you should not find a suitable size, a passepartouts made to measure possible. Passepartouts are always made of acid-free cardboard and usually have a thickness of 1.4 mm. Show off your photo to its best advantage photo to its best advantage in an interchangeable frame - by framing it with a passepartout.

Passepartouts for all frame formats

What is a passepartout? Passepartouts are generally referred to as frame insert systems for the particularly beautiful presentation of your photos in interchangeable frames. Passepartouts are available in many different colours and formats. This gives you a lot of freedom of your frame exhibition. In almost every frame is always equipped with a simple inlay so that, if necessary, a photo photo that was taken in a smaller format than the frame itself. than the frame itself. The facepapers give each frame individual appearance to each frame in the shop and are thus particularly in the context of the marketing policy of the manufacturers. The example inlays are, however, unsuitable as a passepartout. The inlays are usually made of very thin glossy paper. On the other hand, a bevel-cut passe-partout is made of thick and very high-quality cardboard. This prevents a picture from slipping. Hence the name the thick cardboard is cut at an angle - this creates an optically the thick cardboard is cut at an angle - this creates a very attractive spatial effect.

Which passe-partout colour is an individual decision. Whether a particular contrast is chosen - for example a black frame and a white passepartout or a black frame and a grey frame and a grey passe-partout depends in particular on the intended effect. For black and white photographs with a with a more reflective character should certainly not be should certainly not be impaired in their effect by overly colourful passepartout be compromised. The range available in our shop includes countless colours. In particular, there are many white and cream shades. shades. This is the most common colour request. But also a red red passe-partout can also unfold its true beauty with a desired photo photo and a matching frame.

Passepartouts can be produced in many workshops according to individual produced. However, most prints are developed in standard formats.

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