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Colored labels: creating clarity

Colored labels bring two advantages. On the one hand, things can be clearly labeled here. And secondly, the use of different colors makes it possible to distinguish different product groups at first glance. For example, you can color-tag folders in the office by task. Blue labels for the goods receipt, red for the goods issue and yellow for the personnel folders. This way, new employees can quickly find their way around.

Private use is also available for colored labels. So you can finally ensure order in the spice rule in the kitchen. By using colored labels, you can already sort the spices by color. Green labels for herbs, yellow for spices. Even in the freezer is a use of color labels super. So you can see at a glance whether there is a dessert or a main course in the box. At a glance, everything in view!

Colored labels: optimize working hours

If new employees are to be trained, it takes time. If you use colored labels for labeling, it will save you as well as the new employee a lot of training time, because everyone immediately sees where something stands. So a new employee only has to remember which color stands for which product group. This will optimize working hours. After all, no one has to search for a long time and the sorting of documents, documents or goods is done faster. So no one really has the excuse not to have found something.

Colored labels: should always be on hand

Colored labels are particularly suitable for all sorts of tasks. They are characterized by the following features:

  • They are available in different formats and sizes.
  • Colored labels are available in different colors, which you can also get in sets.
  • They are suitable for different printers.
  • They are removable or sticky for eternity.
  • We also have them different shapes for you in our online shop

Therefore, colored labels are actually no longer think out of your life. The versatility makes it a real all-rounder. You should always have some at hand.

Colored labels: Labels for books and books

School supplies must also be labeled. Here we have provided in our online shop different variants for you. Depending on the area of ??interest of the child, you can buy colored labels suitable for the hobby. It makes school twice as much fun and the school things can be quickly put together when it gets a bit shorter in the morning. Even colored labels can be used here. You can assign each school subject its own color and provide books, notebooks and devices with colored labels. So your child sees at first glance, what it takes for the respective school life.

Colored labels: letters, numbers, numbers

Colored labels are not just colored dots. Our online shop also offers letters, numbers and numbers. So you do not necessarily need a printer to provide overview and later to find everything again. By using letters, numbers and numbers, order systems can be further perfected. You can also mark folders that are assigned to a group by colored labels with a letter or a number. Then all folders are always in the same order and you have to search less. Searching costs valuable time. Alone if again and again the same folder has to be taken in hand, pitched, flown over and put back, because the searched is not in it. Optimize work processes, whether private or professional. Because it creates space for other tasks or even for yourself. With colored labels, this is done quickly and cost-effectively. Order colored labels in our online shop.

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