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Cutlery is essential for survival

As long as mankind feeds itself, this happens by hand, with small sticks or with cutlery. Almost no area is as strongly influenced by the customs of a culture as the way in which people eat. In the western world, food intake has been established by means of some objects known to us today as cutlery. The spirits differ as to how one eats what and with what kind of cutlery. For example, may a Löffel be held in the left hand? Why don't you cut potatoes with a knife? And why do you need two forks for fish? All these rules around the topic cutlery are not only culturally, but also socially shaped. One thing's for sure: Home is allowed as it tastes best. Here the own rules are still valid and as is well known they are made according to how it suits the person personally best.

Cutlery for baptism and the first own Löffel

In many social and denominational classes, for example, a baby is given cutlery for baptism. This is to symbolize that the child always wants to have a good diet and is already adequately equipped for it. Sometimes it's just a very nice silver Löuml;nen, in which perhaps the name can still be engraved. Blessed is he who carries such a lifel all his life. It is a strong symbol for being welcomed once lovingly, however the paths of life may have developed. Even if such a noble, personal Löffel is sometimes not at all in daily use, because "much too sad", it still has its value. But cutlery that symbolic and solemn doesn't need to be looked at at at all. Having a large assortment of cutlery in attractive design at home is a wonderful way to be prepared for many guests at any time.

Cutlery must not be missing

Have you ever found yourself in the embarrassing situation that cutlery was missing? There is hardly anything more unpleasant for a host than when the offered delicacies cannot be eaten because there is not enough cutlery available.
You may have been embarrassed to run into the kitchen to quickly wash off the used cutlery and could not enjoy your guests at all. This shouldn't have happened like this. Especially when there are guests, it is important to have a larger stock of cutlery at hand. Because evenings with guests are special times, when you want to let "fünfe be straight" and relax yourself and have fun with the visitors. It must not depend on some dropped Löffel.

Cutlery in plain decor always fits

Very nice it is, that you can choose in our Onlineshop on at home in peace a large stock of cutlery. So you don't even get into the situation of having too little for once. There is a choice of fork, fork and knife in different designs with ceramic handles. The ODISA and DALIA lines have a very fine, yet simple and elegant look with various nostalgic looks. But also small favorite pieces in the exclusive Look are in our Onlineshop on to find. There is, for example, the dessert with a ceramic handle in the form of a waffle ice cream or the ice cream scoop with a handle in the form of cup cakes. Both are ideal as fun gifts.

Wonderfully nostalgic and yet timeless cutlery you can order on

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