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Brushes are the means for a colorful existence

What would the world be without pictures? Great art once left out, because this requires special brushes, which are available only from specialist retailers. This is more about home use and the images that are created in school and kindergarten. Self-painted pictures play an important role in raising children and hobbyists. On the one hand, it is a significant exercise to transfer what you have seen or felt to paper, on the other hand, for example, the paintings of children give deep insights into their psyche and bring there hidden things to the surface. Anyone who has ever painted with children knows the fulfillment that comes with it, but also the problems that sometimes come with them. These include repulsed paintbrushes as well as splashing paint. In our online shop you will find a series of brushes that make painting with children a pure pleasure - in the truest sense of the word.

Brushes for every need

Naturally, the tools of the trade are also decisive in painting with children. In our online shop, therefore, a wide range of brushes of different strengths is available, which offer the right one for every need. Also very practical are the sets of bristle brushes of different thickness, which are particularly suitable when working with several children at the same time. Every child paints differently and so different brushes are needed. The set also includes a mix of bristle and hair brushes. These sets are also very suitable for hobby art. Why not beautify a photo album with a very personal decoration? In the combination of photo documentation and even created, you create a family treasure, which will still have special meaning for children and grandchildren.

Brush for all occasions

Whoever invented the pen and brush combination, developed it and made it available to us: he was a true revolutionary. We are talking about brushsticks, a perfect and very practical symbiosis with ink fountain pen and brush. The small copies in ballpoint pen size fit into every pocket and can therefore be everywhere. They come in three colors: blue, green and black. Brush pencils were created to create fast and spontaneous watercolors. Like a fountain pen, they have a refillable cartridge, but with a fine nylon brush tip that gives you precise results. Also very convenient is that the colors are well miscible with each other and, moreover, dry quickly. The cartridges are protected against leakage by a special system. An absolute highlight in this category is the GFKP pocket brush in black, which is filled with lightfast pigment ink and therefore ensures the highest quality results.

Brush with water tank - incredibly handy!

A very practical paint brush system is provided by the AQUA brush brush. It is a brush pen with nylon tip and a 10 ml water tank. The color can be mixed very easily from water and watercolor chalks, whereby the colors can be combined with each other and thus the personal desire tone can be created. It has a medium bristle tip made of nylon, so that you or your children on many types of paper can achieve great watercolor effects. The cap guarantees maximum cleanliness. There's nothing going on, not spilling or dripping. AQUA brushes are therefore practical companions when traveling or traveling. Equipped with such a perfect time stuff, so some boring car ride is pure pleasure. Your child will not want to stop painting.

Order several brushes in our online shop. Once you have seen that, you will soon be asked where to find these practical brushes. Nice if you have a copy ready to give away.

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