• Frame 15x20 cm for memories

    With our frames in the 15 x 20 cm format, you can present your pictures stylishly in any suitable place in your living space. With their individuality, all frames offer a way to flexibly respond to the style in any room. Neutral frames make it easy for you to still stylishly present your keepsakes in difficult environments. You can find our 15 x 20 cm frames not only in different designs and colours, but also frameless as clip frames. Clip frames are functional and also allow a high degree of flexibility with regard to the choice of motif. For pictures with particularly precious moments, you should not miss a look at the range with frames 15 x 20 cm, which convinces with tasteful designs and diverse colours. Take the opportunity and get to know our extensive range with frames 15 x 20 cm and the easy-to-use online shop.

    Robust frame 15 x 20 cm with style

    The 15 x 20 cm frames in our range offer you a great variety. This does not only refer to the appearance, but also to certain locations in the living room, such as opposite light sources, are taken into account in the properties of our frames. For this reason, various 15 x 20 cm frames have anti-reflective glass. This prevents reflections that can be caused by a window or a lamp. Frames 15 x 20 cm made of acrylic are suitable for a household in which small children also like to romp around, as they have very robust properties. Frames made of acrylic also forgive a fall from a low height, so that the motif can be viewed again undisturbed after the 15 x 20 cm frame has been put up again.

    Frame 15 x20 cm: Large selection of colours and material

    All of our 15 x 20 cm frames are made of high-quality materials and have a first-class finish. The large selection of frames made of materials such as plastic, aluminium, wood or acrylic, for example, offers you sufficient scope to bring the material into harmony with your interior design style. In addition, you can choose from countless colours the one that harmonises best with the motif, furnishings and your personal taste. If you need even more choice, you will find more 15 x 20 cm frames with individual designs. You will find various 15 x 20 cm frames that are adorned with impressive paintings or decorations, which further round off the effect of the picture.

    Attractive frames 15 x 20 cm with high quality

    The range with frames 15 x 20 cm not only opens up great decoration possibilities for the personal living area. The assortment also offers enough ideas for gifts if you want to make them a little more personal. But you will also find variants of frames 15 x 20 cm for colleagues and acquaintances, embodied for example by picture holders or wooden frames, so that these can also remind you of the family at work. Our thoughtfully designed online shop allows you to enjoy a relaxed shopping experience without losing your bearings. Transparent navigation ensures that you know exactly where you are in the online shop at all times. Convince yourself of our great variety and choose one of our tasteful 15 x 20 cm frames for an impressive presentation of your most beautiful moments.