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Self-adhesive photo album - keeping memories simple and safe

There are things we never want to forget. This includes loved ones as well as small and big adventures of everyday life. But even celebrations, a holiday or the birth of the first child are worth preserving forever. This works best with a self-adhesive photo album. Such a self-adhesive photo album can be found in the photo album discount in a very large selection. So you can easily combine the practical with the beautiful.

What is typical for a self-adhesive photo album?

When it comes to photo albums, it quickly becomes clear that there can be just as big differences here as in photos. When developing a photo, you have to make various decisions. On the one hand, this is the question in which dimensions the photo should be printed. But also your personal taste plays a role, but photos can always be made in "matt" or "shiny". It does not look any different when a self-adhesive photo album is to be purchased. This is available in different dimensions. These ultimately determine which photo format fits in the album. In addition, you can choose between black and white pages, both of which may have its attraction in the self-adhesive photo album. In the online shop of the photo album discount we also have models from various bindings and various materials ready. Lastly, you still have to decide how many pages a self-adhesive photo album should have for your needs. From a few pages to about 100 pages everything is possible.

self-adhesive photo album

But now to the peculiarities that distinguishes a self-adhesive photo album from other photo albums: A classic photo album has several slides or cases that are firmly attached to the cover. In this you can plug in your photos and know them protected from dust, dirt and sunlight. A self-adhesive photo album works a little differently. Again, the photos are protected from aging. However, there is a self-adhesive film over each side of the photo carton inside the album. Simply peel it off, populate the respective page with your favorite photos and then beat it back. This also gives you the opportunity to provide a self-adhesive photo album with other special features, such as texts, drawings, dried flowers or ornaments.

What are the options for self-adhesive albums?

The variety of self-adhesive photo album knows no bounds. Especially great are expandable models, such as the self-adhesive album Lazuli beige. If the 30 black pages are not enough for you, you can order a self-adhesive refill set. Because the high-quality album is screw bound, the self-adhesive pages are easy to insert. Incidentally, you will receive most of the self-adhesive photo album products directly in a stylish gift box. If the photo album is not for you, you'll have a great present right away, which you will not have to pack extra. When it comes to design and workmanship, you're spoiled for choice when it comes to a self-adhesive photo album. Each of the cover materials has its charm. Often it's simply a matter of personal taste, whether it's ultimately a model of linen cover, art print, vinyl cover, paper or leather cover. The same applies to the infinite color variety. You love the color red? Then the self-adhesive album Oxford in Bordeaux fits you very well. On the 72 self-adhesive pages you will find enough space for your memories. Visually, the album impresses with its classic design with gold embossing. Modern but not too fancy is the self-adhesive album Neroli. The high-quality structural binding in brown draws attention to the modern application, which gives the photo album that certain something. Or would you like to put together a rather unconventional photo album? Then the photo sheets self-adhesive Walther are the right thing for you. They fit through the Euro hole in all popular ring albums and folders.

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