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Upgrading pieces of furniture with small details: thanks to the furniture knob very easily

If pieces of furniture no longer look good or are simply too simple, furniture knobs can help in no time. Because these can be easily and quickly attached, are available in various shapes and colors and can turn any cabinet into a real eye-catcher.

What can a furniture knob do?

A furniture knob can be attached to drawers, cabinet doors or boxes and thus upgrade the respective piece of furniture a little. After all, the furniture knobs are often real eye-catchers that can turn even the most boring wardrobe into a stylish highlight in the living room.

However, you can not only change the cupboard, but also the entire room. Because even the little things do a lot. So the new furniture accessory will immediately attract attention and surround the room with a nice ambience. At the same time you can live out your own style, because the furniture knob can be chosen individually, so you can make your closet as it personally likes best.

At the same time, however, you also have the opportunity to be creative and bring your individuality into your living space. The furniture buttons of Clayre & Eef are very easy to install, so you do not have to bring a lot of craftsmanship for this action.

Furniture Knobs by Clayre & Eef: In many shapes, colors & styles

Anyone who chooses to decorate one of his pieces of furniture with a new furniture knob will surely find one or two matching knobs in the range of Clayre & Eef. They come in many different colors, materials, shapes and styles.

The colors range from drab tones, such as black or gray, to colorful, such as yellow, green or pink. But also multicolored buttons are to be found in the offer of Clayre & Eef. Meanwhile, they are partly in the oriental, partly in the nostalgic or antique and partly in shabby look. Some are also simply kept simple and can fit into many apartment spaces.

But also the shape can vary with the furniture buttons of Clayre & Eef. Although most furniture knobs are round, there are also a few square ones, one or the other heart-shaped and some in the form of a sphere. In some cases, the round furniture knobs are also wavy or handle-shaped and therefore a little fancier.

Most furniture knobs from Clayre & Eef are made of ceramic. However, some are also made of iron and partly of glass. This can certainly also look very chic and provide the furniture with a real unique. Among other things, the very good workmanship and high quality of the entire range of Clayre & Eef is particularly noteworthy.

Upgrading with the help of unique furniture knobs

With the help of the unique furniture knobs from Clayre & Eef, you can easily turn plain cabinets into real eye-catchers within a few minutes. So you change only small details on the furniture, but the effect is enormous. There are countless possibilities and variations that are original and fast.

For example, a furniture knob with a flower pattern or butterfly motif is ideal for the nursery. In the living room, on the other hand, a crystal or ornament button fits in very well. The chest of drawers in the hallway, on the other hand, can be spiced up with furniture knobs with a tendril pattern. If, on the other hand, you want to enhance the cabinets in the kitchen, you can use checkered, dotted or striped furniture knobs, for example.

In the bedroom meanwhile an angel or bird pattern is very well suited. A furniture knob with a rustic design fits optimally into the office. When spicing up you can choose the color as well as the design in each case. Sometimes you can even change the entire piece of furniture. So you have the choice whether you get a furniture knob matching the color of the furniture or whether you take a complementary color.

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