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Mechanical pencils: Like a pencil, only better. Write without pressure!

Since our earliest childhood we know him - the pencil. We painted a house with him, next to it mom, dad and the big sister. Later in the school, we searched for him in our pencil case when it was time again to count on a difficult math problem or to precisely set the shades in art classes. Again and again we use our pencils to write a small note and to paint something with the certainty that we can erase it at any time. And during all of these writing events, we all got to the point where we just had a little stubby pencil in our hands and had to deal with it cumbersome. This problem is with one of our mechanical pencils from the world. Never again the nerve-wracking tipping, hardly one thinks, one would have sharpened the perfect pencil lead, then it breaks off and one must start over. Never again the uncomfortable feeling of a minimized pencil in the hand. With one of our mechanical pencils you get a new typing experience! Our ergonomic grips allow the stylus to sit elegantly between your fingers, eliminating the hassle of swelling or cornea formation.

Mechanical pencils for everyone!

For professions such as technical draughtsmen, architects, engineers and artists, the abandonment of a pencil is unimaginable, despite the immense increase in media drawing media. Mechanical pencils are particularly well suited, as they bring with them the best conditions for professional use: even after multiple use, our high-quality shafts are optimally in the hand, for precise work you no longer need different pencils, which take up only unnecessary space. We offer you in our online shop for replacement mines in different degrees of hardness. The softer mines (B - Black) are particularly suitable for artistic purposes such as sketches, studies and designs. Medium Hardness Mechanical Pencils (HB - Hard Black) are good for writing and linear drawing. Hard and very hard mines (H - Hard) serve technical and mathematical drawings as well as graphic representations. In addition, these are suitable for special purposes such as lithography, cartography and xylography. In addition, a large number of our mechanical pencils have a refillable eraser on the one hand, which is a great advantage compared to an external eraser, which one must constantly search. On the other hand, the function of refilling offers a major advantage compared to conventional pencils, where the integrated eraser is worn out after a short time.

Find the perfect mechanical pencil for yourself

In our assortment you will find mechanical pencils in different colors, designs and price ranges. The model CAPLET is the perfect companion in everyday life. He is equipped with both an eraser and a cap for attaching. The case is in high quality, durable plastic and transparent, which gives it a modern touch. It is available in pink, pink, transparent, green, light green and blue. But even those who are looking for more stable mechanical pencils is exactly right with us. Our mechanical pencils in the SHARP model offer you an ergonomic comfort grip zone and a sturdy metal clip, for example, to attach the pen to a booklet or folder. As the highest quality product, we offer you the model STERLING in our online shop. It is available in shiny black, classic silver and fine ivory tone. Its balanced shape and a classically cut metal ring make this product a real eye-catcher on any desk, which immediately catches the eye. He also has a fully retractable lead guide and an eraser under pressure mechanics. This gem of technical innovation is also great as a gift for friends, colleagues or family.

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