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Frameless picture frame

A picture frame that draws the focus to the shot is the perfect solution for impressive pictures. A frameless picture frame or also called a clip picture frame consists of a glass pane and dispenses completely with a border. This product is versatile and beautifully sets the scene for certificates, pictures or documents.

Different variations of picture frames without frames

The picture does not have to fit the frame. Clip picture frames come in many different variations and sizes. Especially small ones increase to large frames. Documents, graphics and even your own drawings find protection in this way, which is almost invisible. The glass panes can be made of Plexiglas, normal glass or anti-reflective glass.

Depending on the light irradiation, the choice of surface is decisive for the later presentation. While the normal glass reflects in all directions and thus obscures the work a little, the anti-reflective glass offers a matt surface. No matter from which location or at which angle the observer looks at the product, he has a clear view at all times. Light reflections or sunlight cannot harm this glass. The last variant is acrylic glass, which is very light and robust. These frameless picture frames are ideal for children's rooms or bathrooms.

The advantages of frameless picture frames

When in doubt, it is always better to go for a frameless picture frame. A picture holder that integrates into any type of interior. Romantically playful, modern and straight-lined or rather rustic, there is no style of decoration in which this product cannot blend in harmoniously. As a no-frills alternative to the classic wooden frame, the frameless picture frame is also perfect as a gift. Here it doesn't matter whether it is a gift for the gentleman or the lady. Likewise, personal preferences play absolutely no role. The only thing that matters is the work inside the frame. Tips for perfect photos, how to edit photos in a stimulating way and many other exciting articles on photography and lifestyle topics can be found in our News.

The clip frames are also affordable for everyone. The low price in combination with the easy handling can persuade many people to buy. The concept makes the frame so versatile. Users do not need to pay attention to colours or shapes. Only the size matters. The focus is set by the picture or document in the frameless picture frame.

Assembly and hanging are child's play. In just a few steps, the picture is inserted and the frame is mounted on the wall. Craftsmanship or a well-equipped workshop are not necessary. All you need is a hammer and a nail.

Valuable tips and advice on frameless picture frames

The picture frames are very simple in design and handling. Nevertheless, you can significantly increase the longevity and the new look with a few tips. There are also variations and simple tricks to get the pictures into the frame more easily.

How to use frameless picture frames correctly

To ensure that the picture or even the document in the picture frame is shown off to its best advantage without a frame, there are a few small pieces of advice. A soft cloth should be spread out to protect the glass pane. The frameless picture frame is placed on this with the pane facing downwards. The clips can then be removed quickly and easily. The picture can then be placed on the pane. It is advisable to use a passe-partout for self-painted pictures. The picture then does not lie directly on the pane. Once the picture is in the right position, the back panel can be placed on top. Finally, fasten the clips again and the picture is ready to be framed.

Securely attach picture frames without frames to the wall

The simplest and quickest variant is the nail. There are small devices on the frameless picture frames from which the picture can be hung. Simply hammer in the nail at the appropriate place on the wall and hang up the picture. However, there are also other ways to keep the picture frame on the wall.

If you don't want to hammer into your wall but still require a high level of security, you can use magnets. There are corresponding tapes in well-stocked DIY stores. One magnetic tape is attached to the picture frame. It is important to follow the instructions exactly to ensure the necessary strength. The counterpart is now attached to the wall. After sufficient drying time, the two magnets can be brought together and the picture has found its place on the wall.

Alternative uses for frameless picture frames

Picture frames without frames are not only suitable for documents, pictures or other works. Particularly creative and artistically talented people can design something very personal from such a simple product. A white sheet of paper is placed between the back wall and the glass pane. With appropriate acrylic or waterproof pens, different objects, flowers or ornaments can now be painted on the pane. In this way, a unique piece is created, which can significantly enhance any room. Another possibility would be to use this process to make an organiser. Important dates and notes can then be written on the glass pane. However, it is advisable to use a pen that can be washed off later. This way, timetables, overviews and much more can be created easily and with little effort. Magnetic boards, which are available in many different versions and designs, are also suitable for such purposes and make everyday organisation much easier. If you have any further questions or other matters regarding assembly or product variety, our service team is always at your disposal; simply contact us directly!

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