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Frameless frames are very simple frames – not carrying a frame. All these clip frames are available both in crystal-clear glass as well as anti-reflex glass. Anti-reflex glass offers obvious advantages looking at the frame, especially in strongly illuminated rooms. It reduces the reflection caused by falling light. The glass frames are more economic and they are offered in a larger volume of sizes. Our sizes in stock are 10x15, 13x18, 15x21, 18x24, 18x27, 20x25, 20x28, 20x30, 21x29.7 (DIN A-4), 24x30, 28x35, 30x30, 30x40, 29.7x42 (DIN A-3), 30x45, 40x40 and 40x50 cm. To hang them safely they have eyelets in the clips. Frameless are also known as clip frames. Basically these frames are made of a back and a glass window, kept together with clips. The reduction by one glass-plate keeps the frame low-priced.
All our clip frames are available with clear glass or antireflex glass. Antireflex glass has the advantage that spurious reflections are minimized, improving contrast and reducing glare. Clip frames are the cheapest frames available. With our wide range of sizes it is possible to frame your photos easy and fast.

Clip Frames in various sizes

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