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A photo block is a modern representation of your photo - suitable for anyone who wants to achieve a particular framing of your image. The high quality material wood - with a thickness of about 3 cm is finished with a self-adhesive film. In just a few steps you can make your personal picture block itself. The easy handling, the firmly adhering adhesive film and the resistance it article are just a few advantages. Photo blocks you can both putting up as well hang in any size. Thus, a photo block can be used in many areas. Whether as a photo gift for your loved one or as a wall decoration for your home or office - the photo block brings versatility and quality workmanship.

self-adhesvie photo blocks

Thus there is no damage to your images you need for an optimal design of your photo block cotton gloves. In order photo paper residues cut cleanly is a craft knife beneficial. A detailed description and explanation, see the product video. Learn how to create your photo Block in a few steps and can obtain useful tips. In this category you will find photo blocks in gray, black and white in many formats - ranging from 10x15 cm to 50x75 cm. Also square format as 20x20cm or 30x30cm are included in the range.

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