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0.6 mm line width - ideal for coloring and contours set!

Line weight is an essential feature of a pen. If thin strokes are required for precise work, sketches and drawings, a thicker line width offers the opportunity to become artistically active across a broad area. Our fiber sticks in 0.6 mm line width are the ideal tool for this. Both for coloring and to draw contours, our pens are ideal. You can also put colorful fonts on posters for school, the profession or a special occasion, such as an engagement, stitching or photo albums with our pencils in 0.6 mm line thickness and make this a visual eye-catcher. Breathe new life into her white leaves!

A wide range of pencils in 0.6 mm line width 0.6 mm

Our fiber pens can be found in various bright colors such as: red, blue, green, yellow, orange and many more. Due to their easy handling and the 0.6 mm line width, our pens are particularly suitable for children. Whether coloring mandalas in kindergarten, art lessons at school or playful employment at home - our colorful colors bring joy and fun into every child's life! But also for passionate artists or professional purposes, our pens are ideal. Available are our Pentel Color Pen Sets in the set of 6 for getting in with the basic colors, in the set of 12 set of 24 and for a differentiated color variety in the 36er set. Our fiber sticks in 0.6 mm line width are characterized by a particularly dimensionally stable tip and strong, bright colors.

Pencils in 0.6 mm line width the ideal gift for young and old

Are you looking for an extraordinary gift for young and old? How about our colorful pencils in 0.6 mm line width? For the niece, the grandchild, the girlfriend or the art-loving cousin - our pencils in 0.6 mm stroke width are a special gift for everyone. With our colorful colors you can break out of everyday life and immerse yourself in a new, self-created world. For this reason, our 0.6mm pen thickness pens are also great for acquaintances and relatives who are under stress and have shut down issues. Rediscover your creativity and imagination! Due to the 0.6 mm line width, children who do not yet have developed fine motor skills can paint in figures particularly well in coloring books but also set rough contours.

We hope you enjoy browsing, giving and painting with our pencils in 0.6 mm line width!

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