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Numerous mirrors for the outfit check & decorating available at your

Through a mirror you can look outfit and make sure you look good. Fitting is a mirror especially in the hallway, bathroom, guest bathroom and in the bedroom. It is not only useful, but also presents a chic decoration, through which smaller rooms can appear even larger thanks to the light reflection.

Which mirrors are there?

If you want to buy a mirror, you can choose between many different models. Only the variants are very different. The best-known types of mirrors include wall mirrors, standing mirrors, full-length mirrors and decorative mirrors. The wall mirrors can be easily attached to the wall. In addition, this is not a footprint, but only a free wall surface necessary. Also at Clayre & Eef you can discover many different wall mirrors. These are all provided with a beautiful frame. On the other hand, standing mirrors are placed on the floor or table and often have a swiveling mirror surface. The advantage is that they can be moved at any time. Whole-body mirrors are meanwhile mirror, in which one can look completely. However, the mirror must be mounted at the appropriate height. There is also a whole series of deco-mirrors. The focus here is not the benefits, but the frame, which was usually designed very chic. So some mirrors by Clayre & Eef are intended as decoration mirror. They are decorated with a beautiful angel figure or roses.

The mirrors by Clayre & Eef as a real eye-catcher for the hall, bathroom and bedroom

The mirrors by Clayre & Eef can all be placed in different rooms. So a wall mirror is ideal for the bathroom and also for the guest bathroom. In the bedroom, however, a full-length mirror can be very useful. This also makes the room brighter. In addition, you have, of course, as with any mirror, the opportunity to check the look. In addition, a chic wall mirror can be attached in the bedroom. But even a small mirror for the make-up table makes sense. In addition, Clayre & Eef also offers many hand mirrors, which are sometimes provided with chic loops or beautiful embellishments. In the hallway fits best in the wall mirror, where you can see at least half the body. In narrow corridors, it also has the effect that it will appear a lot bigger with a mirror as a decoration. This is especially true for mirrors that have a narrow or no frame.

Decorate with mirrors: What should you pay attention to?

If a mirror is to be installed in the apartment, you should pay attention to a few things in advance. In particular, the mirror frame should match the interior design style of the apartment. For example, mirrors with a nostalgic frame are ideal for rooms that are decorated in vintage or rustic style. However, there are also mirrors with wooden frames, which are basically suitable for each apartment. On the other hand, if you have furnished your apartment in a shabby look, you will also find a mirror by Clayre & Eef for this style. For example, there is a mirror in Shabby look with two hinged doors. This mirror was built in the design of a cabinet and thus looks very special. But other mirrors can be a real eye-catcher through the decorations, the shape or the material in the apartment.

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