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  • Universal labels prevent annoying mishaps

    Salt and sugar are known to resemble each other. Well filled in practical cans, these two are often dangerously close together and if it then has to go fast, it's all the faster happened: the sweet cake dough is saline. That has certainly happened to you before. How annoying. Many ingredients are similar at first glance. And that during cooking not always tasted or can be watched long, goes without saying. How convenient it is there when on the cans each legibly "sugar" or "salt" etc. on it stands. More importantly, because it is often vital to read the date of manufacture on limited shelf life foods. You should use universal labels for the label. These adhere where they should and the label remains legible.

    Universal labels - as diverse as your life itself

    In everyday family, universal labels are virtually indispensable. Surely you too were among the lucky ones who were allowed to donate some cake in the kindergarten or at the school of your little ones. If, a few days later, your own plate still has not come back, you may have been angry that you did not give it your name. Practically waterproof universal labels would have been here.

    Not to mention the rain gear, which often ends up in a box of indefinable content in public children's groups, after your sprout no longer knew exactly what their own jacket looked like. Universal labels labeled with your child's name, and the jacket would have been identified and returned to your child.

    Even on children's birthday parties or other celebrations universal labels are often a rescue aid.

    For then, when a child suddenly claims his own bag with the prizes in it, it would be the one with the many candies and not the empty one next to it.

    Had every child at the beginning of the action to write his name or a small picture on the bag or to paint, would such small scams from the beginning no chance. Universal labels are particularly suitable for this.

    Universal labels: buy in stock

    It is nice if you have a variety of colors and shapes on universal labels. Then you will not even get into the situation, the practical little everyday helpers to miss. If, after a mishap, you decide to bring universal labels with you when you go shopping, it's all too easy in the hustle and bustle of shopping to find the right ones and then return home without them. In our online shop on fotoalben-discount.de you can find almost countless variations of universal labels. Square, round or oval, in plain white for labeling, in eye-catching signal colors or simply in beautiful colors. Practical are the number stickers, which can be used in many ways.

    Universal Labels on Reward Cards for Kids: Cheap and Good

    Colorful adhesive dots are also very suitable for reward cards. Do you even remember having once had the longest series of red dots in a notebook that your mother or any other educator put on to document your progress in one area? It was especially nice, if you could choose "his" color beforehand.

    In the online shop on fotoalben-discount.de there is a very large selection of universal labels for every purpose and every situation for a reasonable price. As diverse as they may be, one thing is common to the self-adhesive pieces of paper: They make everyday life more practical and colorful and some moments simply unforgettable. Order your universal labels in our online shop now.