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Autograph books are usually only known by our mothers and grandmothers, because few kind words, captured in a beautiful friendship book are underestimated in the time of social networks. But a autograph album preserves wonderful memories and friendships to which we like to remember back 50 years later. If you asked to write into an autograph album, this is a tremendous evidence of trust and friendship, which should not be underestimated. Find nice words that will be read with pleasure again. As a reminder, or for those who are not grown up in the era of friendship albums: Will you be asked to register there, you have to pages, that you should style with love and passion. On the right side personal lines, proverbs or poems are recorded. The left side provides space for stickers, scraps or drawings. You can express yourself freely within this two pages to give pleasure to the owner of the autograph album. Nowadays, there are often besides classical poetry albums, so-called friendship books, which often include forms regarding hobbies, favorite songs or colours. Such friendship books provide many facts which seem very amusing when you read them together 20 years later. An autograph album is something very intimate and private, which is why some albums in our range have locks to protect these valuable and unique treasures. In our assortment you will find many different albums and friendship poetry books that have a wide variety of designs: cute kids motifs and simple poetry albums are available as well as exceptional albums with innovatively designed book covers.

Autograph album - the Special

Enter an old tradition another chance and let us revive with you the era of poetry albums! Our autograph albums come from the company Gold Book, which stands for high quality and durability. Therefore, you can be sure that you will not only hold fragements of the album in your hands in 50 years. Collect proverbs and poems of your dearest friends or give someone specail such a beautiful autograph book. For children we have a large selection of different poetry albums and friendship books with age-appropriate designs.
With pride and joy your child will present his book of friends in kindergarten or at school and like to pass it to his best friends. Often it is a special honor for school children when also teacher write in their book. Our

friends books

usually have a low-maintenance cover out of laminated art print, so they can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Equipped with 72 illustrated pages they will get to know many fascinating details about their best friends, for example, what they prefer to play. The sides of the Friends books are designed differently, so that girl-friends books are also equipped with blue designed pages. In this friends books, that are wonderfully illustrated, is plenty of room for all kindergarten, or school friends. Every child writes on to one page and can paint a beautiful colourful image or can glue a photo. So this book of friends is a beautiful reminder of the kindergarten or school time. Among the numerous designs and illustrations you will surely find the matching book of friends. The friends books are pretty gift ideas for school entry and packed with other accessories it will be never forget.

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