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Poetry albums - memories of school days, studies and more

In the course of our lives we stop at different stations. Along the way we meet different people, almost all of whom shape us and our development. Years later we notice how the memories of our school days, studies or training increasingly fade. So that you can always remember these formative times, you should take a closer look at the topic of poetry albums. Then as now, poetry albums are a popular method of keeping memories of people and moments alive. It is up to you how exactly you want to use poetry albums for this purpose. In the photo album discount you will not only find many great poetry albums, but also helpful suggestions. For example, you can design a friendship book in addition to the classic poetry album.

Old meets new tradition

When we hear our grandparents talking, they rave about the good old poetry album. Friends and classmates from kindergarten and school have immortalised themselves in it. Some have written verses in it, others have revealed personal preferences or softened our hearts with cute drawings. Stickers were also very popular in poetry albums. Whoever believes that this trend has died out is mistaken. Even in times of social networks, poetry albums are still very popular. Unlike in social networks, entries in a poetry album are very personal messages. Instead of writing something with the keyboard, the user's own handwriting is used. Could there be anything more intimate?

So it's not surprising that poetry albums are still very popular. On two sides you get the chance to immortalise yourself. If the owner of the album brings out this decades later, he can remember his classmates and companions very well again through the personal message. If one receives such an album from a classmate, one should take some time. After all, the two self-designed sides will be a memory forever. So it is worthwhile to think about what could make the owner happy. But you should never lose sight of what makes you special. If you enjoy reading and writing poetry, there is room here for you to try your hand at rhyming. Gifted draughtsmen can write cheerful ornaments, symbols or whole pictures in poetry albums. The creative ones can let off steam with stickers or stick a dried flower in.

Where are poetry albums used?

How you use poetry albums is entirely up to you. Who says that only primary school is there to pass on this personal booklet? Anyone who is in the middle or upper school, regularly attends an association or evening school will later be happy to have thought of the good old poetry album in those moments. At the Photo Album Discount there are poetry albums in so many different designs and versions that you can find a suitable album for every occasion.

Your offspring will certainly not think themselves in kindergarten that poetry albums are a nice way to remember later. Don't let this formative time pass so easily. With the kindergarten friend book Dibu Daba Dinos you will bring joy to your child and everyone else in the kindergarten. The book has 72 illustrated pages with the Dibu Daba Dinos. There is plenty of space on these pages for kindergarten friends to immortalise themselves. The Kindergarten A5 Bärbel Haas friends book is also suitable for kindergarten age. The 72 pages illustrated with mice are just as much a highlight as the easy-care cover made of laminated art print.

Whether in kindergarten or at school - the A5 Sigikid SAMMY SAMOA friends book is ideal for boys. Wouldn't that make a great gift for the start of school? Or is your child just as infatuated with Sheepworld as most people are? The friends book Ohne Freunde ist alles doof ist alles doof (Without Friends is Everything Stupid) will make young and old alike laugh. The poetry album Tangerine is completely independent of age. It impresses with its colourful design. The poetry album Silver Moon nightblue is classic and colourful at the same time. Or you can opt for a more classic design with the poetry album Dear Dandelion. A white dandelion is emblazoned on the black art print cover and will amaze everyone.

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