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Images for the wall as a chic decoration for every room

Images can look very chic in each apartment and make your own four walls something special. But even as a gift, they make you happy. As well, commercial spaces can be designed with the beautiful wall decorations, creating a cozy ambience.

Setting accents with the help of pictures

With pictures on the wall, each room can be made more comfortable and cozy, making the home even more beautiful. There is a wide selection ranging from nostalgic pictures to artistic paintings. So there are deco images, which is available for both small and large art fans.

Frequently one will find in the pictures of Clayre & Eef the materials wood, metal or cloth. The pictures are often designed in vintage or country style. They are available in different heights and widths. However, the printed deco images can not only come into their own in the home, but are also very suitable for restaurants and cafés.

For example, the picture with the inscription "Welcome" is ideal as a welcome for all guests. Other pictures, on the other hand, can relax the atmosphere and enrich the interior even in commercial spaces.

Images can be great gifts for friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbors. Especially beautiful are photo frames or just a whole photo gallery with personal photos. But even the high-quality decorative pictures or canvases by Clayre & Eef can give the recipient a little joy for a festive occasion.

Which picture for which room?

When you enter a room, many impressions come to you. You can see furniture, colors, lights and decorations. Of course, this includes the murals, which, just like the rest of the institution, can show their own style.

The murals can be chosen best matching the room. In the kitchen, for example, pictures with kitchen motifs or designs from the field of food and drink fit. In the bathroom, however, a landscape, such as a beautiful sunset, invite you to dream.

But even in the study an agricultural picture fits very well, as this can have a calming and even motivating effect. Likewise, pictures with sayings can provide more motivation. However, these can also be installed very well in the hallway. For children's rooms turn are pictures with animal motifs.

For the living room and the bedroom, the pictures can come from different areas. Here you should go above all to his own taste and the decor. If you have designed your apartment, for example, in a vintage look, a landscape can be suitable. Even nostalgic maps of Clayre & Eef or animal pictures are chic here.

If, on the other hand, you maintain a modern style of furnishing, you can ideally bring in images from the field of modern art. In addition to dark furniture bright motifs fit very well. With light furniture, on the other hand, one can fall back on darker or even gaudy colors.

Selecting the size of the pictures to match the room

So that the pictures actually fit the room, you should also decide the size of the room. In a long corridor, for example, several small and narrow images that are arranged in a row offer. These can be taken, for example, from a series of pictures.

In the dining room or living room, a large picture can look good in the meantime. The same can apply to the bedroom. But even here, many small pictures can be placed in a row and thus provide beautiful decorations.

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