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Wooden photo frames have the natural advantage of their material.
Many differing wood variations, an endless format range and a multiple of profiles make them so popular.
Our Walther wooden frames are natural and high quality products.
The production is flawless and the practical hangers and locking systems are comfortable for use.
Walther’s finely tuned overlay program is also here an ideal addition for the picture upgrade. Multiple colour variations can emphasize the effect of the frames and overlay mix.
This results in a very personal frame.
Sober elegance and high quality are characteristic milestones of our Walther wooden frame range.

For better orientation you can find on this page all our wonderful wooden frames ordered according to their size. As you have already noticed we can offer an enormous range of different frame profiles and types sorted by manufacturer. This variability is caused by the diversity of wood types. For not losing overview we listet here all frames regardless of the manufacturer or the bar type. If you know how big your personal image is, you only have to click on the appropriate format and browse until you find your desired frame types.

Wooden frames in many sizes

However, you can be as well very creative here. A small example: You have a wall area of ??1.5 x 1.5 m and want to decorate this area with framed pictures. Select your favorite type of frame that meets your taste and then you start to tinker. Pick different formats together and thus tinker mosaic for mosaic a large area together. Another idea would be cutting into parts a 1.5 x 1.5 m large poster that will result as poster if you assemble them in different sized frames. Thus, you create your individual highlight on which you can be proud because you have created it with own efforts. Let your creativity run wild and locate here your matching wooden frames in the correct size.

Brio wood frames

Brio wooden frames are emblematic French flair. Brio - out in the photo albums section under Panodia - is a French context providers. The design is here classic timeless, but also modern country-style.
The frame range is characterized by the large number of bars and frame profiles offered. A Brio wooden frame you will not find anywhere - so you can browse through our offer and you will also find the perfect setting for your home.
Wood caddy here are thought normal for both portrait and landscape Shapes suspension. With French style you make your living spaces timeless with your favorite framed photo memories.

Brio wooden photo frame

Many wooden frame of Brio are solid wood frame - and thus particularly high. The solid wood frame have thus classified not an artificial wood look, but are accurate as wooden frame. Our range of wooden frame of Brio includes many standard frame sizes up to 50x70 cm.

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