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    Paper and blocks as versatile as their use

    In this section we provide all the necessary papers and blocks for private use, as well as for your office, before. Be inspired by us, because not every paper is ideal for any use. Especially if you are looking for a paper for designing invitation cards, or business mail, you should refrain from using simple printer paper. Special occasions call for exceptional paper. Even with blocks there are signified differences. Not only in the number of sheets in the binding. Which one is right for you, decides after use.

    Paper and blocks for special occasions: Paper is not the same paper

    The company "pollen" made exceptional paper. This was created to wedding invitations, thank you cards or high-quality business mail to create. Sure there are in the field invitation cards also have the option to use colored paper. For the garden party in the summer also do just fine, here agrees the price-performance ratio. But do you want to make your wedding invitation itself, access to the high quality paper of "pollen" back in our online shop. Our range stops here provide everything you need for you. Pollen - paper is available not only in different thicknesses, and it is produced in various vibrant colors. It is not only suitable for gluing and folding, it can also be printed from you.

    Also, business letters should be not always printed on standard paper. You want to create a form letter to your latest campaign? The higher the quality, the paper you are using is, the higher the quality your potential customers will also appear the offer. Take advantage of this synergy effect of its own.

    Of course you get with us and standard printer paper at a good price.

    Blocks that join your life

    In the age of laptops and tablets will give you the use of a block to retro? You are mistaken! There are still many areas of application for the block: In school, for example. But even in the office. Notes not go lost as fast as a Losblattsammlung. Take a small notebook it out for collection of ideas. Good ideas come a known not whenever you need them. In return, the notebook offers. Number the pages but first and set a small table of contents to on. To find the idea later again guaranteed. Depending on where you store your block, you should look for when buying at the right quality. The pad is usually in a drawer, so the valuable pages do not need special protection. Enter the block but always with him, so as not to waste any idea, so you should choose a spiral notebook with a solid cardboard.

    Paper and blocks in different shapes, colors and sizes

    In our online shop you will also tracing paper as a true all-rounder. This paper is for example used for tracing. This copies the original quickly and efficiently. Hobbyists the tracing paper is well known. But architects use it at work. But tracing paper can be technically used as a membrane. You will also find in our assortment gift, poster, and kraft paper.

    Paper and blocks: sketchpad

    Special drawings need floater. Therefore, we offer letter blocks of various sizes. The difference with normal printer paper lies both in the sheet thickness, and in the structure and color. If the drawing is a work of art, so pay attention to a to a good thickness of the paper, otherwise the paper will curl quickly when using liquid colors, on the other hand, the paper should be really white. Only then the colors you imagine arise.

    Be inspired by our online store and find exactly the paper, and the block you need.