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In this category we sorted our wide ranged assortment of high quality baby albums for girls. Our baby and children albums - affectionately designed with the most beautiful pictures and the happiest moments to outlive generations. These are real family treasures of a lasting value. Here you find our outstanding range of high quality baby albums. Many baby albums are with illustrated introduction pages for your personal prints. A baby or children album has to be of high quality. These albums are for livelong usage. We sorted our albums by baby album for girls and for boys, baby slip-in albums, diaries and small albums offer as a present. Most of our baby albums are from leading photo album brands like Henzo and Walther. Children albums are often with a laminated cover. This material allows a wide range of wonderful coloured albums for your lovely pictures.

Pink, red, sweet - a little girl. A baby album. Not only the bodysuit, the socks, the pacifier and the whole bed should be pink, but of course my baby album. I'm only 2 months old and already I see everything red - or pink. And just because I'm a girl. Mom and Dad knew it probably before I was born and probably already bought therefore much stuff in pink. But now you have now already the third baby photo album bought for me and the album is again pink. Why do they do it. Why not green or yellow? The phenomenon of the color pink for our little girls and even for our smallest girl has always been there and will always remain on. There is everything in pink - red. And as the baby album is no exception. Typical subdivisions - Baby albums pink - Baby blue albums. But why not? Parents should calmly but may find this color splitting well. If now times everything or almost everything is in the room pink, then why choose a different color in the photo album.

It is but everyone seen from afar, whether I have at home girls or boys. If you have pink color also expire and looking for a suitable baby album, then please have a look in the Internet. Under you determine the appropriate photo album, or the matching Photo albums (!) Find. Because the selection is great and you do not have to look far, because here the phenomenon Rosa is collected: You must definitely in the category: Baby album for girls - pink and there are many Baby albums. And of course, red. And for all the others who have also a girl and not like pink or the cliché not have fallen: there is of course a large number of baby albums that have other colors, whether simple, classy, ??upbeat, modern or just pink - there are all albums in any format and in any color.

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