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The screw album with unlimited design possibilities

Compared to the classic photo album, the screw album allows you to individually expand the number of pages according to your needs. Consequently, it is the ideal solution for all those who need flexibility in their lives. Often, when buying the photo album, you don't know the exact number of photos that you ultimately want to arrange thematically and chronologically. Have you still found some nice snapshots of the past Italian holiday in your photo box and would like to add to them? This is no longer a problem with the screw album! In no time at all, you can add individual sides without having to rearrange the collection. In addition, you have the possibility to design the photo album individually - be it with small applications, mementos to stick in, captions, quotes, speech bubbles or notes. Due to its excellent functionality, the screw album offers a maximum of design flexibility, so that there are no limits to your imagination! Do you no longer like the photos on some sides or do you find the caption inappropriate? Would you like to design an entire side more beautifully? No problem! Simply remove the corresponding side from the screw album and insert the new one! Convince yourself of the numerous advantages the album offers you! Choose a suitable screw album from our wide range of products!

The screw album - the perfect gift idea

The screw album is a particularly high-quality photo album and the noble counterpart to the ring binder album. The screw album is always a timelessly beautiful gift for young and old! Unlike a classic photo album, the screw album offers far more design freedom. For this reason, the screw album is the perfect gift idea for friends and family - be it for a wedding or the birth of a child! How about a beautiful album for a communion, birth or 60th birthday?

Furthermore, you can give your gift a very personal touch! Choose a particularly beautiful photo and stage it impressively in the frame of the cover. The white or black inside pages in the screw album can be embellished with your own drawings or paintings. The removable sides are very practical for this, as they allow and facilitate the use of watercolour, oil or water-based paints. If desired, you can also print on the sides or decorate them with filigree relief stickers. No matter what you decide, the limitless design possibilities are sure to make your album a unique gift! Let your imagination run wild and create an impressive photo album for your friends and family!

The screw album in different variations

The screw album not only impresses with its functionality, but also with its noble design and high-quality linen covers. Choose the right screw album from a total of 10 different colours! How about a timeless classic black, an elegant bordeaux or a trendy sunshine yellow? Take a look at our online shop, your favourite colour is sure to be there!

The screw album is available in the sizes 30x25 cm and 39x31 cm. You can attach your photos to 40 sides made of acid-free photo cardboard. In the order form you can additionally choose between the two page colours white and black. The glassine interleaves between the sides serve to protect the photos and prevent them from sticking together. The screw album can be extended with replacement pads of 30 sides each and 2 extension screws. All you have to do is remove the cover and add extension screws. Then remove the desired sides or add the desired sides and place the cover again. That's it! Now you can attach more beautiful souvenir photos.

The multifaceted design possibilities and almost limitless flexibility of the album guarantee you long-lasting joy! The screw album is certainly the ideal solution for your own needs and at the same time the perfect gift idea!

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