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Pens with 0.5 mm line width

In order to be able to differentiate between different elements in technical drawing, technical draftsman need different line weights. But not only in this area you need different stroke weights. Also, if you write on different materials, you need this. You need pencils of 0.5 mm line width if you want to design a photo album yourself. For this we have different pens on offer. On the one hand they have the 0.5 mm line width. On the other hand, that they are waterproof and therefore well suited for labeling books. The pens are available in our online shop in different colors. So you can order the color that best suits the substrate. You may also find the favorite color of the recipient. If you already produce a photo book yourself, then you can pay attention to this detail. Your recipient will certainly appreciate it.

With pens that are 0.5 mm thick, label cards

How about a birthday or Christmas card again? Sure, since e-mails, Whats App and SMS, cards are rarely written. Actually, only if you want to present a gift with it. But the card has a decisive advantage. Can it be repealed or do you believe that an SMS will still be there in 40 years? To make the card really special, we recommend labeling it with a pen in 0.5mm line width. With the color you are spoiled for choice. Classic in blue or loud in metallic? Of course, that depends on who the card is for. A "I love you" message looks more elegant in muted colors than in neon yellow. Neongrün fits very well with her 18th birthday.

Gel pen with 0.5 mm line width for a nice flow

Pens also have a habit of scratching on the paper. This disturbs the flow of writing and does not look very nice either. Gel pencils with 0.5 mm line width do not do that. The expression glides gently over the paper. No scratching, no tearing. The result is impressive. Let alone the joy that accompanies the writing, quite apart. These gel sticks with 0.5 mm line width are also stronger in color than a pen or pen. In addition, you will find in our online shop many different colors to choose from. There are hardly any colors for pens. It can be as easy to replace with some gel rollers in 0.5 mm line width as with a pen or pen. This protects the environment and resources. 2: 0 for the gel roller in 0.5 mm line width.

Gel sticks in 0.5 mm line width are also suitable for left-handers person

You have a left-hander family. Super, they are said to be creative. Thankfully, the writing with links is no longer worked off anyone. But one problem remains: right-handed people need different pens than left-handers. Or? Right. Almost always. On gel sticks in 0.5 mm line width this statement is not true. Because gel pens can be written from all sides. They are therefore also suitable for left-handers. Since there are left-handed people only once in the family, you do not need to buy everything twice. The pencils with 0.5 mm line width can be used by everyone equally.

You are planning a journey into space? That's possible. But the pen is not up there. But how do you write the card for your home? At least the grandparents expect a card from the holiday. The solution: Take gel sticks with 0.5 mm line thickness. They also write reliably in space. Order your pen with 0.5 mm line width at

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