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Why a slip-in album in the size 9x13cm ?

Pictures in this size are actually not very common, but this is exactly what makes this type of slip-in album so special and interesting. It is also particularly suitable as a gift idea. Almost every woman knows it: the handbag you carry around with you practically has a built-in cellar, because everything has to be carried along for every conceivable situation. This includes a small slip-in album 9x13cm. In this slip-in album, we can always carry our most beautiful moments with us and, if necessary, look at them again and again and transport ourselves back to that situation. How nice can it be, just when it is grey and rainy, to be able to remember the summer holiday at the seaside? Of course, you could also look at your pictures on your mobile phone, but it is a completely different feeling to actually hold the pictures in your hand.

Set up and sort a slip-in album for 9x13cm pictures

Do you have some beautiful pictures from the past years? Then why not sort them into a beautiful slip-in album? But how do you arrange such an album correctly? It is actually quite simple! First, arrange the pictures you want to put in the album by time. Whether you want to start with the earliest or latest time is of course up to you. Now sort your pictures by time and try out which arrangement you like better.

Tip: Perhaps you can arrange your pictures in such a way that the colour tones of the pictures match each other. Go ahead and try!

Ask yourself the following questions for the design of your album:

  • Do I have a thematic focus?
  • Have I defined a grouping of pictures?
  • Have I defined a target group? If so, which one?
  • Have I determined the scope?

Try to remember that there should be a red fade throughout. If it is not, those who look through your album will very quickly become impatient or lose the fun of looking through your album. For this reason, it would be important for you to follow these four key points. The more creative you are with your slip-in album, the more beautiful it will be! We at provide you with the right material for your creativity.

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