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You sure know this situation: you are on the phone and quickly need to take some notes before youll forget the address/ number the caller just told you. But of course you do not have a note pad or a simple piece of paper at hand - hence, we now have the solution for you to never have to look all over or ask someone else for paper - we have those cute and handy note pads which are ideal to put in xyour hand bag where they are ready to use.

Our little note pads
are ideal to scibble in little notes, your daily to-do lists, romantic poems or important phone numbers.
 These note pads also have a register to keep your addresses and phone numbers in order and help you get organised - planning a nice dinner with your friends? This book will help you plan with all the notes and still to do lists, as well as all the phone numbers of your friends and family.
Because they are so little you can also take it with you on trips and use it as a journal of your tour to remember where you were and what/ whom you saw.
For all those who love order and appreciate the written word, there are wonderful notebooks in our range. The notebook with all its advantages, will become an indispensable companion for travel, for the handbag, for the office or even at home. Keep fixed always and everywhere your thoughts, because our ideas and notes are precious memories and help us find facts, sketches or dates at a later date. Thanks to the many sites you can cancel, change and rethink your notes easily at any time.


Our product range includes both modern and romantic Notebooks. Thanks to high-quality cover materials and different bindings you can quickly and easily find your favorites. A5 Notebooks are ideal everyday companion - its handy format provides enough space for our notes, but also fits easily into any pocket. Because of this you have the possibilities to make note important things regardless of where you are. Spiral bound A4 notebooks are convenient companion for business trips or appointments. Thanks to the spiral binding these notebooks remain flat and safely on the table. The company Goldbuch designs their new children's notebooks with popular and funny motives so that our school children learn to appreciate the all-rounder. Thus joy and benefits combines quickly and easily and additionally the personal handwriting is trained. Notebooks are also a wonderful gift idea that does not end up immediately in the drawer.