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With a notebook, nothing is forgotten

He was just there, the thought - and now he's gone. Wouldn't it be good to have a reminder of such moments? With a notebook from the photo album discount, no thoughts will be lost in the future. Instead of confusing your ideas and thoughts on different sheets, you have everything in one place with a notebook. In addition, you have many options for how you want to use your notebook.

How can I use a notebook?

Thoughts are not there to just fly away again. However, we are confronted with so many things in everyday life that it is difficult to keep everything. For the really important things in life, a notebook is recommended. Use it as your constant companion - and whenever you have a thought you want to capture, whip out the pencil and notebook and immortalize it. Depending on the purposes for which you need the notebook and what type of person you are, various possible uses come into question. How about, for example, using your new book as a souvenir book? Decide on a sufficiently large model and capture not only experiences but also moments based on photos, sayings and poems. Tickets or invitation cards can also be found in such a notebook. A completely different way of using is the address book. Of course, you can also buy a classic blank address book. However, this is usually standardized in size and only available in boring and monotonous colors. If you choose a notebook, you can opt for a beautiful and colorful design. Or are you a fan of the winged words? If you like to rhyme yourself, you can capture your poetic multi-line in a personal book. Of course, you can just use the notebook to quickly memorize important things. Then the book should be just the right size to fit in your purse or in your pocket.

Which notebooks are there?

A notebook is not just a notebook. It is your constant companion and shares with you your most personal thoughts. The more important is that the book is tailored to you and your needs. For example, the notebook is available with completely white pages, but also lined or checkered. For drawings and for holding memories in various forms, white pages are most appropriate. Next, you should think about the dimensions. Do you need a lot of space or should the notebook be stowed quickly and easily? How extensive should the book be? Would you prefer a thin booklet or a book that offers space to write on 256 pages? And also with the cover material and the design, you should think carefully about what your ideas look like.

For children there are notebooks with beautiful motifs. A good example of this is the book A5 Tangerine. This offers 256 cream colored pages, enough space for all the impressions that your child gains from the world. Since notebooks are also a great gift idea, there are also books that can be personalized with a personal touch. This is possible, for example, in the gold book DIN A4 notebook LINUM in beige.

A rather small variant is the round notepad Caribbean. With a diameter of only 10 cm, the block with screw binding can be taken everywhere. For little artists, the sketchbook DIN A5 black is a good choice. Thanks to the high-quality art print cover it is as if made to hold drawings with pencil and charcoal. All the little and big wonders of love are captured in the Clayre Eef notebook DREAM. The romantic design looks very classy due to a nice drawstring binding. Thus, this notebook offers as a gift, for example, for the wedding, but also for Valentine's Day.

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