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School cone: an unforgettable day

The school cone represents the transition from kindergarten to school for children and also for parents. Even if there are arguments about the contents, such as how expensive, only sweets and useful items or sometimes something expensive, everyone agrees that a school cone is part of every school start.

What did your school cone look like?

Do you still remember your school cone? Maybe not in detail. But you can certainly remember the first day of school. The excitement that school brings with it. But above all, the curiosity about the contents of the school cone. Back then, it was mostly small things. Pencils, small toys. Maybe a good luck charm, but certainly also something sweet.

School cone: Whether the child is cool is often decided with the cone itself

A battle seems to have broken out between parents to have the most beautiful school cone for their child. People think about it, design it and discard it. Online research and ordering. You can get the school cone in different stages of development in our online shop. From the framework, which can be completed individually by you, to the finished design school cone. There is something for everyone.

School cone: Do it yourself or buy a ready-made one? The crucial question

Are you a better or worse mother if you make the school cone yourself? Of course, the question can also be asked the other way round. But the answer is quite simple. Do you enjoy making things? Do you (and your child) like the result? Do you have the time? Then order the blank from us. You will get the most out of it. The ready-made version is suitable for those who don't like handicrafts. You don't have to torture yourself in your spare time. Especially as the result is not what you had in mind.

Also, if your child wants a very specific school cone, with one of his or her hero, you should refrain from handicrafts. After all, your child should have a wonderful first day. With the school cone he or she has wished for.

School cone: for wrapping and decorating

Children don't only get presents from their parents when they start school. Grandparents, godparents and other family members also want to give something. The school cone is the perfect gift wrapping. A motto gift. An appreciation of this special day. You can also choose a very small bag and attach it decoratively to the package.

Small school cones can also be used as table decorations. After the official opening ceremony, many families go out for a meal or coffee. With small school cones on the table, you can spice up the table setting and the motto of the day will also be visible here. For an all-round perfect back-to-school day.

School cones: not just for school starters

The school cone is not only popular with school beginners. People also like to give a school cone to mark the start of their training, their studies or their first real job. Here, too, the school cone stands for change. A new phase of life begins. The producers of school cones have also adapted to this. Therefore, more and more small and simple school cones are being offered, which visually have nothing to do with the school cone for the beginning of school. They have grown up. Just like the person receiving the gift.

This school cone can be filled with anything you can imagine. Sweets, something for your own flat, for your studies. But airline tickets or concert tickets also fit in well.

It doesn't matter whether you want to make the school cone yourself or order a ready-made one. At you are guaranteed to find the right school cone.

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