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Loupes for various applications

In our online shop you can find various magnifiers, depending on usage. For work at the desk you need a magnifying glass table. For better view on the object, the LED magnifier offers. If you still want to have it a closer look, so it should be a pocket magnifier. Small and compact It is suitable to take away and a small bag protects them from scratches and damage. If you need your hands to work, so either is a magnifying glass that you attach to your glasses or one that you can fix by a band on the forehead.

With magnifying glasses, the size does make a difference

To the size does not matter? With magnifying glasses already. The smaller the magnifying glass, the more it has diopter. So if you watch very fine things where it matters to every detail, so you need the smallest possible motion. Here you are but still have the problem that you can read only a very small section. Sometimes just a single letter. So it is more important to you to capture something larger whole, so a larger magnifying glass, which in turn produces little of detail is recommended.

Magnifiers for reading

When your eye is bad, it needs a visual aid. You can opt for a pair of glasses or even a magnifying glass. The reading glass 2 is increased to 6-fold, and therefore has a relatively large window. The magnifying glass to know a lot of Sherlock Holmes films. Although he pretends to spot details, it uses the less sharp magnifying glass. Well, this may simply look better and give the necessary drama of the scene in the movie. Today, there are the classic magnifying glass in the detective version still to buy. Often, however, which are preferably light and / or spacers. They also got enough drama at home because you do not need to underline yet they kept simple magnifier.

Magnifiers in detail: Everything in view

Sherlock Holmes would have certainly easier by using a detailed magnifying glass to see the details. However, you know the details magnifying glass, if you like to stay with movies, more of the scene in which a piece of jewelry is inspected or a watch to be repaired. The detailed magnifying glass has a small diameter of up to 3 cm. It can be good in the eyes clamp the hands free. The details are clearly visible with this magnifying glass, because they are magnified by the magnifying glass up to 15-fold. No wonder the details magnifying glass in watchmaking is popular.

Magnifiers, something for the nature lover

If you want to spend a few days in the open, maybe hiking and camping, you should thereby have a magnifying glass. Because it is not a myth that a fire with a magnifying glass can be ignited. Are you even lost the lighter, you have to hope only for a little sun. The magnifying glass concentrates the rays of the sun and can thereby dry leaves or paper to ignite. So be careful when using a magnifying glass. A fire can occur even if you do not actually want it.

They dream of a little more fire in your life? Attention: with magnifying glasses from our online shop is in there. To read and consider details magnifying glasses are of course also be used. Order now your magnifying glass.