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Ballpoint pen - The classic in everyday life

"Can you give me a coolie quickly?" - At work, at home or at school. This phrase has gone before everyone's lips when it was time to write down a note such as a telephone number or important thoughts. Yes, the pen is an integral part of our everyday life. Its easy handling and precise line bar make it the perfect writing tool for everyone. The pen itself consists of two parts: a housing with lead guide and the mine. Again, the mine is divided into three parts: an ink reservoir containing viscous ink paste, a writing tip containing the ball guide, and a writing ball. This design makes the pen a reliable writing instrument that is globally represented.

Ballpoint pens in different variations

In our online shop you will find a colorful selection of different ballpoint pens. You will find a ballpoint pen in black and blue with print mechanics. Its line width is 0.35mm and a triangle comfort grip zone makes it easy to hold in the hand. In addition, we offer a ballpoint pen with print mechanics and red font color. Especially for teachers, this pen is well suited to make corrections and to put comments next to homework. This ballpoint pen also features a triangle comfort grip zone and 0.35mm stroke width. You will also receive a PEN LOOP pin loop from us. These can be easily pasted into your notebook or your calendar in the back of the cover and your pen is always handy and safely stowed away. Both thin and thick pens are safe. The turquoise loop is self-adhesive and elastic. It comes in the format 40x40. As a special highlight in our online shop, you will find pens in which you can insert a picture yourself. Here we have two different variants. On the one hand, we offer a set of three with red, black, and blue ballpoint pen with associated font color. Here you can use any image in size 3.5x6. On the other hand, we have a photo pen with a pen for touch screens. This innovative ballpoint pen combines many functions in one device. While you write as usual, you can retract the mine and type in something on your phone. This feature is especially useful in winter. Although you wear gloves, you can easily tap on your phone. The image size is 4.8x7 in this model.

Ballpoint pen with photo: an individual gift idea

Do you know that too? You want to give someone a little pleasure but absolutely do not know what? It should be personal but also useful. You are at the right place here. In our online shop you will find pens in which you can use a photo, which is ideal as a gift for neighbors, friends or relatives. Thus, you have the opportunity to give away something with a personal touch, which is certainly needed by everyone. It is up to you what kind of picture you choose. The last birthday of your best friend? A picture of your loved one and yourself? Grandma, as she is blowing out the candles on her birthday cake? Or be creative and think of a witty saying that connects you to the person. You can also paint the name of the recipient in the sand and place a photo of it in the pen. There are no limits to your imagination and you will be happy about such an individual pen!

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