• Picture frame 40x50: The best option for favourite photos

    Everyone has their own favourite photos and these have a special place for most people. Either they are tucked away in photo albums that people like to leaf through from time to time or they find their place on walls with the help of picture frames.

    Picture frames 40x50, for example, are perfect for these photos and can be increasingly placed in the home. Picture frames 40x50 really show off photos and literally turn them into eye-catchers. Guests, visitors and friends are often glued to the photos and marvel at the beautiful placement of the photos on the wall.

    In addition, 40x50 cm picture frames are suitable as simple decoration for the home. They are neither expensive nor difficult to get and make quite an impression. The more beautiful the picture frame, the more beautiful the flat.

    Picture frame 40x50 cm: What are the differences?

    Since picture frames 40x50 cm are not square and therefore have different lengths, they can only be used for certain photo formats. If, for example, the picture was developed in landscape format, but the 40x50 cm picture frame can only be placed upright, then this frame does not fit the picture. Although there are picture frames that can be placed both upright and landscape, this is not the case with every 40x50 picture frame. Therefore, it is even more important that you inform yourself about such conditions in the online shop Fotoalben Discount before buying.

    In addition, there are differences in the material the 40x50 cm picture frame is made of. The most common frames are wooden frames, although aluminium frames and plastic frames are now also very popular. Mounts can and are also used to give the picture frame that certain something.

    Wooden picture frames 40x50 are particularly suitable if the wooden frame matches the rest of the furniture in the home. It is important to ensure that the 40x50 frame does not come into contact with water, as this is harmful to the wood.

    Glass picture frames and frameless picture frames, on the other hand, are fairly water-resistant as long as it does not run into the frame. On the other hand, these 40x50 picture frames are more susceptible to damage, as the glass, despite its resilience, could break if dropped.

    Picture frame 40x50: Colours

    The 40x50 black picture frame is by far the most popular colour variant. It is followed by white picture frames, which also fit very well into a simple and modern flat. This is followed by the bright colours that can be found in many households, where people are increasingly playing with colour combinations.

    Here, most people opt for picture frames 40x50 in blue, green, grey, red, grey, brown and beige. There is no "right" or "wrong" when it comes to choosing a colour - it is simply a matter of personal taste.

    What to look for when buying picture frames 40x50 online

    The ads of picture frames 40x50 show very well how the frame looks in reality. Nevertheless, some people estimate the size incorrectly. Therefore, we recommend that you take a yardstick in your hand and check the size before buying. Is the size suitable or would you prefer a different picture frame? Do you already know where the picture frame should be positioned? Will it fit safely in this place? - These are some of the important questions you should answer yourself before buying.

    With some products, it is the case that other buyers have already left a review of the picture frame. If there are many good reviews under a product - as is often the case with Fotoalben Discount - you can be sure that the 40x50 picture frame will meet your expectations. Our customers also write about their experiences with shipping and delivery in the applications.

    Please visit our website to see our beautiful 40x50 picture frames for yourself. As soon as questions arise, you can of course always contact us without obligation and free of charge. We look forward to hearing from you.