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Capturing memories in a photo frame

For many years people have been capturing the most beautiful memories in photos. In a photo album or photo box, the developed photos are carefully stored. At family reunions or to pass the time in small groups, the pictures are usually viewed. This will bring back fond memories of the last family holiday, your son's wedding or your grandchildren. It is only a pity that these fade away again after a short time. Because seconds later the attention is already focused on the next picture and its event. With photo frames, for example, you could benefit much longer from your most important pictures. Whether on the wall or on a shelf, the eye often wanders to a photo frame rather than to a photo album. Photo frames also allow you to keep your selected pictures with you when you're away from home. After all, no one forbids you to place an assembled photo frame on your desk in the office. On the contrary, a brief moment of reflection on your loved ones and a glimpse of the beautiful moment can greatly improve work morale.

Photo frames set a sign

A photo frame fits in every household. It harbours beautiful memories. In the right style and perfectly placed, it is also at one with the entire home furnishings. Something like this looks very attractive. Even the one or other positive remark of your visitors can be the result. But it is no less wrong to give away photo frames. Because no matter whether birthday, Christmas, a wedding or simply to inspire friendship: photo frames are the ideal gift for just about every occasion. After all, beautiful picture moments can always be used. In addition, some photo frames are designed to match a wide variety of interior styles. So you can be sure that you are only in the green zone in terms of appearance. By the way, portrait frames in particular are always very popular. These are photo frames for pictures in smaller formats.

Photo frames and their diversity

The best known photo frames are called portrait frames. They are not only suitable for portraits, but also for a landscape photo, a wedding photo, a family photo and a photo of children or grandchildren. Photos with all other special motifs can of course also be placed in such photo frames. Placed in an unusual place, these photo frames create a very special and individual look and awaken memories.

Besides portrait frames, table frames are also popular. Table frames are photo frames, which are available to match almost any interior design. No matter if you live in country house style, modern or shabby, here at you will find the frame for your table in your style. But even for your office the right one will be there. After all, we also offer photo frames in elegant design. With them you will not only see the screen, the keyboard and a mountain of leaves while working, but also your wife or husband, the children, your parents or even the whole family together. This can be a powerful moral support for further work.

However, to get the right frame for your photos, you should not only pay attention to the stylistic design. The photo format is equally important. If you know the format, you can make a preliminary selection. However, it is often the case that the pictures do not correspond to the classic formats, especially when they are taken on mobile phones. Therefore, it is recommended to measure the printed copy beforehand. In this way we can create your selected photo frame with a custom-made passepartout as desired.

No matter if you want to hang it up or put it on the wall and in the classic photo format or custom-made. - At you have a huge selection of photo frames in different variations.

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