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Coin albums: never go out of fashion

What was once the stamp collection, has been superseded by the coin collection years ago. That's why we offer in our online shop Coin albums in all shapes and sizes. But not only are coin albums for a collector of importance. The accessories must be right in order for the collection survives undamaged generations and also brings fun grandchildren. But the coin collection in the coin album is also an investment. So some people could thereby already avoid bankruptcy or finance the repair of the roof. Therefore, the coin collection through proper handling and storage must be well protected. Damaged coins lose value.

Coin albums: Cassette

There are coins which are so valuable that a normal coin album is not sufficient for the expensive cargo. Since it must be cassettes already. Think about the euro coins, which does not exist in payments. The Vatican has, for example, its own euro coins. But that is not paid. These coins can but buy. For a lot of money. More than the coins in payment transactions are worth. For such special and expensive coins to a normal coin album is limited. Better they are abolished in cassettes. These can be completed, for example. They are well protected from children's hands. Bearing in mind that a resale is profitable only if the coins really have no blemish, you should protect your collection by forces.

Coin albums: expandable with further cases

Coins are collected not only for a few weeks but usually for years and decades. Therefore, it is difficult to predict when buying coin albums, how many cases are needed. Therefore existing coin albums can be replaced by other cases. These are available for various coin sizes. In our online shop you will find cases for coin albums with round windows, but also with oval. If the coin does not fit into the coin album, you should secure them with self-adhesive coin holders. Thus, the coin can not slip. This would eventually lead to minor scratches due to dust particles and reduce the value of the coin.

Coin albums and everything else you need

Collectors need not only coin albums for your collection. To make the coins always look radiant, they must be always carefully cleaned. For this purpose, a suitable Münzbad. Because this does not attack the metal. To remove the coins, the plastic-coated tweezers suitable. So no additional fat comes through your finger on the coin. But no scratches, such as by a normal tweezers. When the valuable coins but must be touched once, so we have in our online shop next coin albums also gloves of cotton. The best conditions for a coin collection, whose value can grow.

Coin albums: for your children as an investment opportunity

In times when the lending rate to 0% fluctuates, consider just parents how to create meaningful for child support. Here, gold or silver coins offer in Coin albums. Also on important occasions. Coins are often given away the age of majority, a wedding or the birth of their own children. So the child has a memory that can not be issued lightly. Coexist with equivalent, for a rainy day.

Buy Now Coin albums, coin boxes and gloves in our online shop. We have everything you will need.

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