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Photo album white pages - unlimited design possibilities

In every life, there are countless events worthy of being held. Our photo album white pages keeps memories and lets you travel back and forth into the past. Whether the wedding, marriage of the children, birth, baptism, the communion, the birthday, the jubilee, or the dream vacation and other circumstances, in photos is half the life. Our photo album white pages is the ideal place where old memories are always brought back to life. So many beautiful moments in the life of a human being can be uniquely designed, presented and immortalized in our photoalbum suitable for the theme. Fotoalben-Discount offers a wide selection of albums for your pictures in the section " photo albums white sides", so that you will find the right exterior facade for the chosen picture content for all occasions. Our photoalbum white pages offers creative photo-makers the right albums for photos in portrait or landscape format. Pictures say more than a thousand words, especially when they are perfectly placed in our photo album white pages. Each photo album can be a small piece of art. Anyone who leafs through it will always feel joy and remember to remember old times. Especially creative designers mix white pages with many beautiful pictures in our photo album, like dried flowers, postcards, coins, tickets or written texts, in order to make the reminder book a unique treasure. You can also create a personal reminder with our photo album white pages as a gift to make others or even yourself a joy.

For unforgettable moments choose a photo album white pages

Photos reflect unforgettable moments and unique experiences. In our photo albums white pages, your pictures will also come into their own. The white foliage background is outstanding because it does not distract from the motif. Just the classic bound book as a photo album white pages, offers a lot of design possibilities, because by the white background it is easy to write texts below the photos. This variant is especially liked for baby and children's albums from our diverse range of photo album white pages. In our photo album, white pages can be easily attached or glued with phototapes or photo albums. The practical thing is that the photos can be replaced again without damaging them. Of course there are albums in different sizes and designs. If you like it traditionally, you usually choose a timeless design. For lovers of modernity, we offer unusual design albums.

photo albums white sides - Description of the albums

Also our photo album white pages is basically described with a page number. Thus, a sheet always has two sides. To protect your favorite images, you will find white pages of glassine interleaves in the photo album. These serve to protect the images, avoid gluing, as well as a quick yellowing. Self-adhesive labels are suitable for attachment in the albums. Also a glue stick or glue dispenser is in our photo album white sides the perfect fastening technique. In our wide assortment, there is the right photo album for every taste. Among different sizes in wide or portrait format, as well as numerous color variations you can choose.

Photo album white pages - choose among numerous albums

At Fotoalben-Discount you will find the right album for every topic with different characteristics. Our photo albums white pages of Jumbo, under the designation standard PROMO 30x30 cm, is a popular model. The classic is distinguished by its vinyl binding with gold imprint and has space for up to 400 photos in the size 10x15 for gluing. This photoalbum white pages consists of 100 pages of acid-free photo carton in white. It has glassine interleaves. Also from Jumbo we offer the photo album Flower Festival with a laminated art print cover with a beautiful refreshing flower motif. 500 photos in the size 10x15 cm can be found in this photo album white pages inlet. Under the heading photo albums white sides also a photo album called Garden, with high-quality paper cover, which has a wonderful cord application has to show. Our holiday photo album City Travel in beige comes especially modern. The holiday photo album is from Henzo, has sixty white sides and impresses with its laminated art print cover. It accommodates up to 280 images in size 9x13. The album Chapter, also by Henzo, is a real high-quality classic. Whatever you choose

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