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Post-process photo

Edit images
In this article, we would like to tell you a few tricks of the trade on the subject of image editing that even beginners can implement easily and well.

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Instagram side

The best Instagram sides
Instagram, and with it the first Instagram sides, was published in 2010.

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Baby party ideas 11.08.2021 13:47 | 0 Comments

Baby party

Baby party planning
You want to plan a baby party for yourself or a good friend? Like many other ideas, the tradition of the baby party (babyshower) comes from the Americas. Usually all the friends and female relatives (mother, mother-in-law, sisters, sisters-in-law) of the expectant mother meet at her home and celebrate the baby before it is born.

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Perfect Instagram picture

Perfect Instagram photos
What does the perfect Instagram picture need? By now, about 15 million Germans use Instagram at least once a month to post pictures from their lives. Most users are not professional photographers and you too can skilfully stage your pictures on the popular photo platform with a few tips and tricks. Instagram is no longer about coming up with something completely new!

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Famous photos 06.07.2021 13:20 | 0 Comments

World famous photos

World famous photos
Great photos can evoke thoughts and feelings when words are not enough. Throughout history, there have been many well-known personalities, photographers and artists who have dedicated themselves to photography and created famous photos. But also unknown photographers have written contemporary history with their well-known photos.

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Good photographer

Find photographers
There are many reasons why the best photographer is needed: Photos of you, photos of the family, baby photos, wedding photos for wedding albums or maybe even a whole home story of you and your loved ones? One thing is for sure, choosing the right and best photographer can be very difficult. The best photographer is basically the photographer who best suits you and your photo plans.

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Christening Gift Ideas 21.06.2021 11:14 | 0 Comments

Christening Gifts Ideas

Christening gift ideas
Baptism is still one of the most important celebrations in the lives of religious families. Usually children are baptised at a very young age in order to know that they are protected and blessed by God from the very beginning. This occasion symbolically focuses on a good start for the child's life journey and this should be celebrated with family and friends.

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Successful models 21.06.2021 11:09 | 0 Comments

Most successful model

Successful models worldwide
Every year, the US business magazine Forbes analyses the earnings of the most booked and successful models in the fashion industry. The earnings of the successful models are taken into account.

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Taking perfect photos 03.06.2021 13:39 | 0 Comments

Take perfect photos

Take perfect photos
Is there such a thing as the perfect photo? What makes a perfect photo? In family photography it is important that in a beautiful family photo ideally all family members are laughing happily into the camera and looking good. But is that the "perfect photo"? It is much more authentic when the viewer sees much more.

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Take application photos

Good application photos
According to the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG), a photo is no longer obligatory when applying for a job since 2006. This law is intended to prevent discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, religion or skin colour and thus ensure more equal treatment.

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