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Baroque frames

There are some past times that still accompany us today. One of them is the Baroque. The art-historically significant period between the 16th and 18th centuries was marked by typical art forms. If you are interested in this epoch, you will find, for example, baroque frames. These frames are real pieces of jewellery - whether you hang them on the wall, on your desk or on a sideboard. Lovers of the baroque will find them in the online shop of the photo album discount. Discover how you can create a perfect symbiosis with a baroque picture frame and a photo.

How do you recognize baroque frames?

Photo frames can be sorted into different categories. Using characteristic features, for example, you can quickly find out whether it is a baroque frame. Typical for baroque photo frames is that they are richly decorated. These can be carved ornaments or gilded applications. Both simple and extravagant variants can be found. Variety is also given in the materials used. From noble wooden frames to aluminium frames to plastic frames, everything is represented. Such a magnificent frame leaves plenty of scope for design. However, it does not fit every style. Before you want to make a loved one happy with such a chic frame, you should make sure that it likes the baroque style. If this is the case, you will certainly find it in the photo album discount online shop. Portrait photos, wedding photos, pictures of babies, small and large works of art in various formats are safely stored here. Because even if the baroque frame provides for a noble appearance and the photo with it optically upgrades, this is not the actual purpose. First and foremost, a picture frame should protect the photo it contains from dust, dirt and light.

Remembering a loved one with a baroque frame

If you choose a baroque photo frame, you should be aware that it has a decisive influence on the effect of the photo. That's a good thing, because every photo in it creates a high-quality environment for real favorites and emotional memories. The square Gironde frame, measuring 7.5 x 7.5 cm, keeps the photo of a deceased person safe. His memory is particularly honoured by the portrait frame with its ornate strip. For a slightly larger photo, the wooden frame Baroque 10 x 15 cm Gold is a good choice. The beautifully decorated antique frame is very elaborately processed. Since it has a classic, almost romantic look, it is also perfect for photos of the dearest or the loved one.

A baroque heart-shaped frame shows the special relationship you have with the person in the photo. Lovingly designed with a lavish baroque moulding, the wooden frame is silver baroque all around. Less magnificent, but just as beautifully designed are antique wooden frames, which are designed in the shape of a white heart. The CUORE portrait frame with heart cut-out also belongs to the baroque frames. Thanks to the cord suspension, the photo inside is clearly visible in each room. And if you can't decide on a single photo, it's a good idea to order several of these frames at the same time. So the photos of all loved ones can be placed directly next to each other on a wall.

Like the style epoch, the theme of baroque photo frames has many surprises in store. One has the feeling to actually travel back in time, if one takes a look at the 2859 baroque frame. The oval picture frame is designed with a beautiful wooden frame strip and conveys an antique atmosphere. The Vintage Frame 2462N impresses with its design elements. With the two white angel appliqués it makes a perfect gift. There are also baroque frames, which are particularly striking because of their shape: This can be a series of different frames in various shapes, colours and materials. Such picture frames offer the ideal conditions for family photos or a gallery of ancestors at home.

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