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Guest books for weddings are becoming more and more popular. The guests, the most important celebration in your life, are thus given the opportunity to give their thoughts on the wedding space for eternity. All wedding guestbooks are made with writing paper and high quality book bound blancobooks.

In principle, a photo can also be pasted into a guest book, so that entries and photos can be combined with each other. However, guestbooks have slightly thinner paper than photo albums. Therefore, gluing photos into wedding guest books is only recommended to a limited extent. With our offer of wedding guestbooks you have the possibility to buy a guestbook quickly and cheaply. Wedding guest books keep the memories of a wonderful celebration forever. With a suitable slogan for the guest book, the person who enters it can be especially remembered - but also give their memory to the wedding couple.

Wedding guestbook

Wedding guest books are a must for every wedding celebration. Keep the thoughts and impressions of your guests as a nice memory of this unique experience. Guestbooks are often also available as wedding albums.

Guestbooks and wedding guestbook

The bond for life. The most beautiful day of a woman, and a man, in life. The bridal couple thought of everything. Catering, games, invitations, speeches, cake, rings, wedding dress and guest lists. The most forgotten accessory at a wedding is the guest book. Have you ever experienced that? 2 days before the day you've been waiting for, you remember that the bride and groom don't have a guest book... then you think about why you need a guest book... Well, if you'd been smarter before, you would have ordered the wedding album together with the guest book.

describe wedding guestbook

Because there are many beautiful variations where both albums fit together. After all, everything should fit on the big day. A guestbook usually has a handy format, you can buy it in different designs, with different features. But they all have one thing in common: You absolutely need it at the wedding party. The guests are expecting it, they would like to immortalise a congratulations and a few lines to the bridal couple. One side for each guest. All your guests and their wishes will fit on one page. If you still have 100 guests, then buy 2 guest books. The enormous advantage of the guest book: The guests usually do not get all their wishes on the wedding card, so it is an advantage if you have the opportunity to write something dear in a book. And for the bridal couple? After a couple of years, they will be amused by many a message. Beautiful memories for an unforgettable day. Guest books are not just a new trend, where you have to pay a few banknotes for nothing. Guest books have been around for a long time and should not be missing on a successful party. However, if you would like to have a suitable one, then inform yourself in time and best buy the wedding album together with the same design of the guest book. You could also make a little game out of it at the party, so that every guest writes something in it. Let your creativity run wild and do not miss such a must-have.

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