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Aluminium frames: Classic and chic

Aluminium frames shine with classic chic. The matt anodised profile ensures colour fastness even after several years. They prove themselves through impeccable function, stability and longevity and this with a small weight. In our offer you will find many different aluminium frame series. Our offer includes aluminium interchangeable frames of numerous well-known brands. Buy cheap Nieslen aluminium frames or others like Walther aluminium frames or Hama aluminium frames from us.

No matter which aluminium frame you choose - picture frames made of aluminium offer the highest quality. A picture says more than a thousand words. There are moving moments that are worth framing. Aluminium frames are special picture frames and are ideal for this purpose. Do you actually know how many different formats your personal picture can have? No matter how large, small or specially cut your shot of an extraordinary moment may be, with us you are guaranteed to find the right eye-catcher for your photo. This large selection of different aluminium frames gives your creativity and love of experimentation free rein. Starting with standard formats, we also offer rare square frames. You will even find formats such as 56 x 71 cm or common DIN formats on our side.

Aluminium frames standard formats

If a frame is a little too big for your picture, you can adapt your frame with our mounts. And if you think there's not enough room for your creativity, feel free to check out our custom-made mounts made to your specifications. Find the perfect frame regardless of whether you want to put it on your desk as a photo frame or make a wall unique with it. Because creativity should be endless and not fail because of a frame.

Nielsen aluminium picture frames are the epitome of quality and special care in manufacturing. Nielsen is one of the few picture frame manufacturers that produces the aluminium moulding in its own factory. This means that you can influence the quality and production right from the start.

Nielsen aluminium picture frames are taken as a benchmark by many companies. The abundance of formats and possible moulding profiles is unique. In the following category we have listed Nielsen aluminium frames as interchangeable frames for you. The best known of these is certainly the Classic frame from Nielsen. Aluminium combines two advantages in a unique way: It is light and at the same time very stable - ideal for Nielsen frame profiles. With sophisticated surface finishing, NielsenBainbridge brings out the fascinating charisma of this high-tech metal. The Nielsen interchangeable frame range offers the creative framer countless design options and the customer the opportunity to create a stylish ambience with simple means. The simple elegance of aluminium frames sets a fine and noble scene for the picture.

What makes a good aluminium frame?

An important criterion for an aluminium frame is its workmanship. If an aluminium picture frame has a high-quality finish, you can see that: it manages to set the scene for pictures and radiates elegance and luxury. The manufacturer Nielsen is not without reason the world market leader when it comes to aluminium frames. The Nielsen frames are available in various colours and formats. Since they are compatible with each other and visually create a harmonious whole, Nielsen picture frames can be used universally.

Handling must also be right in a good aluminium frame. It is not uncommon for an aluminium picture frame to break because it is used incorrectly. If the handling is accordingly simple, there will also be no mistakes in the use.

In addition, a high-quality aluminium frame should offer various possibilities. Nielsen frames can be hung in both portrait and landscape format. In addition, some aluminium picture frames can be set upright, which looks particularly good on a sideboard or a small side table. This makes it possible to showcase pictures anywhere in the home.

Advantages of aluminium frames

Aluminium frames are timeless and elegant. That's why they fit perfectly into any style of living. They lend photos and pictures that certain something without pushing them into the background. A picture that is in an aluminium frame immediately looks more valuable.

If you want to redecorate a room, you don't have to buy new picture frames if you have been using aluminium frames up to now. They go with almost any style and create a coherent and harmonious overall picture. The pictures inside can also be replaced without any problem, as everything from black and white to colourful is suitable.

In addition, aluminium frames, like all other metal frames, are very robust. Especially if you choose a brand product, you will get something out of your aluminium picture frame for a long time. Nielsen frames, for example, are extremely durable and give their owners pleasure for a long time.

Another advantage of picture frames made of aluminium is that they do not break immediately if they fall down. This means they can also be used in a household with children or pets.

Possible uses of aluminium frames

As already mentioned, you can place an aluminium frame in the home in various ways. In addition, a high-quality Nielsen picture frame is suitable as a gift. Photo gifts are among the most personal and therefore most popular gifts. Sharing memories and moments with the recipient is a very nice gesture. Whether it's a birthday, Mother's Day or a wedding anniversary - a beautiful photo framed in an aluminium picture frame makes quite an impression.

However, aluminium frames are not only used in the private sector. Many companies use aluminium picture frames to frame and hang important documents or certificates. This makes the documents look more professional and dignified. Aluminium frames are also suitable for decorative purposes in the business sector. Both black and white photographs and colourful pictures have an extraordinary effect in a Nielsen frame.

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