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Synthetic frames present the perfect liaison between modern design and classic elegance.
They convince by their sober optics and interesting price.
The colour palette is gigantic: just browse through our assortment. Our Walther synthetic frame series, like Galeria or New Lifestyle are available in many sizes. Additional advantages are the practical locking systems, sturdy hangers and the ideal finish. Photo frames with a synthetic profile have – in comparison to aluminium frames – the advantage that they are really lighter. And the colour variation is wider. Whatever colour you prefer: a powerful yellow or metallic silver/black finish, synthetic photo frames are multiple applicable.
The indicated sizes coming with frames are always based upon the effective inner side. Additional you will receive from us the indication of the print size. Very important if you wish to use the overlay.

The Walther company offers you a diverse range of different synthetic frames. These photo frames with plastic strip convince through modern design combined with elegant purism. In addition, plastic frames made by Walther are particularly attractive for customers due to attractive prices and its practical ease. The low weight enables a wide range of design options in a modern look. The Walther plastic frames can be purchased from us in several different series: Very popular are for example the New Lifestyle and Galeria frames which are characerised by high-quality workmanship and fair prices. The synthetic frames by Walther are purchasable in almost innumerable colours and sizes due to the offer of different liness: The New Lifestyle framework of Walther is for example available in 11 different colours and 13 different formats! No matter which series you choose - all Walther plastic frames have stable suspensions to bring your personal photos safely on the wall. Through easy-to-handle Locking Systems your pictures and memories are kept safe and protected. But due to bright colours and youthful designs also images and drawings are framed appealing.

Walther synthetic frame

In order to give your pictures a very special effect, all plastic frames by Walther can be used individually with a mount. For unusual formats we offer the service to make mounts according to your measures and wishes. All Walther plastic frames are equipped with washed clear glass. For individual decorating designs Walther plastic frame have a stable suspension for portrait and landscape format and in Addition up to a format of 20x30 cm a table tent for both formats. Very large frames can be easily brought to the wall by a gallery suspension. You will notice - picture frames made of plastic by Walther are characterised by quality at low prices. They put your personal pictures in any environment in contemporary spotlight scene. The plastic frames bring youthful radiance in each apartment.

The range of plastic frames made by Zep can be currently described by the sentence: small but nice. The family enterprise is acting worldwide since 2011 and brings a wild breath of fresh air to the German Product world. Despite a very low price the Zep plastic frames convince with high quality and stability. The low price is really stress-relieving for clients and offers to customers with smalle purse a beautiful frame with plastic strip as well. As all plastic frames the Zep synthetic picture frames combine elegance trough simplicity with modern desin and changeable appearance. The Zep plastic frames fit with any style of home decoration and may create special colour accents on your walls. Stylish Design beautifies your apartment and frames personal photo moments adequate.

Zep plastic frames

In our onlineshop you get the Zep series Ledaña which conjures classic elegance in our living rooms. Our plastic frames by Zep allow even the owner of a smaller purse to decorate his home stylishly and in a modern way. Browse through the range of Zep synthetic frames - if your choosen size does not fit exactly, stop by at our mounts that are made through your own measures. This can also beuatified by additional colour accents.

Hama plastic frame

Hama synthetic frames are elegant with youthful air. The plastic frames of the company Hama are convincing concerning high quality at fair prices. All frames from Hama can be personalized by mounts or colours to meet your requirements. You will find Hama plastic frames in countless colours. Our product range currently comprises 9 different Hama plastic frame series. The Santa Cruz or Sevilla series are very popular, which give pleasure with high quality at excellent prices to customers. The offer of different series allows a wide range of different strip profiles and frame types. You will find both classic and elegant setting for portraits and drawings, as well as colourful, fresh plastic framea for funny family and children's photos. There are no limits regarding the formats of Hama synthetic frames. You will find the frames in a variety of formats.

Plastic frames by Hama

Hama plastic frames have in addition to the stable suspension a table tent up to the size 20x30 cm. This allows you to present images of your children and grandchildren with a youthful air on a sideboard or side table. No matter which series you will choose - a Hama plastic frame adapts to any style of home. They may be varied and individualized by different colours. Plastic frames are convertible - and lots of customers buy a synthetic plastic frame by Hama due to its cheap price.

Henzo plastic frames

Henzo plastic frames fit perfectly into the modern and youthful radiance of frame with plastic strips. Plastic frames of Henzo are offered in 8 different series as classically elegant colours as well as bright and colourful frame strips. By offering different series not only small frames are on offer, but also beautiful gallery frames can be purchased at The high quality workmanship assures you many years of pleasure with your new treasures. Personal images are safely protected by Henzo plastic frames. Due to stable rotary closures you fill easily your Henzo plastic frame, without breaking your nails. Plastic frames by Henzo are usually available up to a format of 20x30 cm with an additional table tent. The frames of each series are hung to your wall by a stable suspension.

Synthetic Frames by Henzo

We provide you with the Henzo plastic frames including a high quality bevel cut mount for special documents or images. Thus the viewer's gaze is automatically drawn to the contents of the frame. The provided format of the mount does not fit for your photo? Then take a look at our special custom-made mounts! The variable plastic frames by Henzo convince us with modern elegance and adaptability. Fresh colours are bringing life to your flat and can be used creatively and beautifully! All of this offers a Henzo plastic frame at an unbeatable price.

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