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Plastic frames - modern design & classic elegance

Plastic frames represent a perfect combination of modern design and classic elegance, which are particularly convincing due to their simple appearance and attractive price. The colour palette is huge and invites you to browse!

Our Walther plastic frame series such as Galeria or New Lifestyle are available in many different formats. Additional advantages are offered by practical locking systems, robust suspensions and an ideal finish. Photo frames with a plastic strip have the advantage over aluminium frames, for example, that they are much lighter and the choice of available strip colours is greater. Whether in a strong yellow or a metallic silver/black finish - plastic frames are versatile. The frame formats stated for frames always refer to the usable internal dimension. In addition, you will always find information on the picture format - this is important if you are using the frame with a passe-partout.

Our range includes a diverse selection of well-known brand manufacturers. Find plastic frames from Walther, Hama, Henzo, ZEP or Deknudt here.

Modern plastic frames from the Walther company

The Walther company offers you a diverse range of different plastic frames. These picture frames with plastic moulding convince with their modern design combined with elegant purism. In addition, plastic picture frames from Walther are particularly attractive to customers due to their attractive prices and practical lightness. The low weight enables versatile design options in a modern look.

You can purchase Walther plastic frames from us in several different series: For example, the New Lifestyle and Galeria frames are very popular, which are guaranteed to please you with their high-quality workmanship and fair prices. By offering different series, you will find plastic frames by Walther in almost countless colours and formats: The New Lifestyle frame by Walther, for example, is available in 11 different colours and 13 formats!

No matter which series you choose - all Walther plastic frames have stable hangers to safely mount your personal photos on the wall. Easy-to-use locking systems keep your photos and memories safe and protected. But with bright colours and youthful designs, even certificates and drawings are attractively framed.

In order to give your photos a very special effect, all plastic frames from Walther have space to be used and individualised with a passe-partout. For special formats, take a look at our inexpensive customised mounts! All Walther plastic picture frames are equipped with washed clear glass for an unobstructed view.

For individual and unhindered design, plastic frames by Walther have a stable suspension for portrait and landscape format and additionally, up to a format of 20x30 cm, a stand for both formats. Very large frames can easily be hung straight on the wall with a gallery suspension. You will notice - picture frames made of plastic by Walther convince with quality at favourable prices and put your personal photos in a modern light in any environment. At the same time, the plastic frames bring youthful radiance to every home.

High-quality plastic frames from the company ZEP

The range of plastic frames from ZEP can currently be described with the phrase: small but nice. The family-owned company has been operating worldwide since 2011 and brings a breath of fresh air to the German product world. Despite a very low price, ZEP plastic frames convince with high quality and stability. The low price also offers beautiful frames with plastic moulding for small budgets.

Like all plastic frames, those from ZEP combine classic elegance through simplicity with modern design and a changeable look. The ZEP plastic frames fit into any style of home and can set accents on your walls with special colours. Stylish design also embellishes your home standing up and frames personal photo moments appropriately.

Elegant plastic frames from Hama

Hama plastic frames stand for pure elegance with youthful flair. The plastic picture frames from Hama have already convinced us with their high quality at fair prices. All frames from Hama can be personalised according to your wishes with mounts or colours. With plastic frames from Hama, you will find countless colours that uniquely set the scene for your pictures.

The range of different series allows for a diverse assortment of different moulding profiles and frame types. You will find both classically elegant frames for portraits and drawings as well as colourful, fresh plastic frames for fun family and children's pictures. With Hama plastic frames, there are no limits to the formats you can choose from. You will find the frames in a wide range of formats and we are also able to offer you a large selection of plastic gallery frames.

In addition to the stable suspension, Hama plastic frames have a stand up to the 20x30 cm format. This allows you to present pictures of your children and grandchildren with youthful flair on your sideboard or side table.

No matter which series you choose - a Hama plastic frame fits into any style of home, as it can be varied and individualised through different colour schemes. You can integrate frames from the Marbella series wonderfully into a modern living room or hang a photo gallery with a Seville strip in a child's room. Plastic frames are versatile - and are very popular due to their low price.

Henzo plastic frames with youthful appeal

Henzo plastic picture frames fit perfectly into the modern and youthful look of frames with a plastic border. The fresh colours typical of plastic frames make your personal photo memories shine and individualise your photos. Plastic photo frames from Henzo offer 8 different series in both classically elegant colours and brightly coloured frame mouldings. Thanks to the range of different series, the photo album discount online shop not only offers small frames, but also beautiful plastic gallery frames for your photos.

The high-quality workmanship guarantees long-lasting pleasure with your new treasures. Personal pictures are safely protected by the Henzo plastic picture frames. Sturdy twist locks make it child's play to fill your Henzo plastic frame without having to break any nails. Plastic picture frames from Henzo are usually delivered to you with an additional stand up to a size of 20x30 cm. The frames of each series are attached to your wall by a stable hanging device and can thus embellish your room with youthful radiance.

For special documents or photographs, we supply the Henzo plastic picture frames with a high-quality bevelled passepartout. This automatically draws the viewer's eye to the contents of the frame. Does the supplied passepartout format not suit you? Then take a look at our special custom-made mounts! The variable plastic picture frames from Henzo convince us with modern elegance and adaptability at the same time. Fresh colours bring life into your home and can be used wonderfully for creative purposes! All this is offered to you at an unbeatable price with a Henzo plastic frame.

The advantages of plastic frames

A great advantage of plastic frames is that they are particularly light. Plastic frames are in some cases equipped with glass, others with a picture frame plastic pane. This reduces the risk of the plastic picture frame breaking quickly if it falls on the floor. Despite the low weight, plastic picture frames are therefore robust and resistant.

Plastic frames also offer a wide range of design options. Due to the variety of sizes in which plastic picture frames can be made, there is something for every room. The selection of different colours also makes it easy to integrate a plastic frame and offers many design options for living spaces. No matter what style it should be - plastic picture frames always fit.

The care of plastic frames is equally advantageous. Thanks to the durable and easy-care material, it is not difficult to keep plastic picture frames beautiful. For cleaning, we recommend lukewarm water with a little neutral detergent or a washing-up liquid. With a microfibre cloth, dirty spots or unwelcome fingerprints on the plastic picture frame can be easily and conveniently removed. For white plastic picture frames that have become slightly discoloured over time, a dirt eraser can be used. Normally, however, a plastic frame is colourfast and does not yellow quickly.

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