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    The photo carton for all (craft) cases

    The photo carton saves you even the day. As? Well, the weather is murky. Outside, soft rain patters on the window pane, and inside the children are hard to control. An idea has to come, otherwise you will be torn by the last patience this afternoon! For these cases, you should always have ready photo carton. Thus, even the youngest craft novice in a short time create interesting craft pieces. It does not need much next to the photo carton. Let your child's imagination run wild. You'll be amazed at the tricks you can all admire at dinner. The family peace is thus saved in any case.

    Photo Card: What's that?

    Why is it actually called photocard, and is it the same as construction paper? The many terms can be confusing. Basically, these terms mean the same thing. The difference is sometimes that paper is coated, so this is indeed suitable for crafting, but not for printing. Different with the photo carton. This can be used with the printer. Therefore, photo carton is also suitable to create your own calendar or to make a photo book. Simply print the photo carton with the calendar page and / or with a nice quote or slogan. Glue a matching photo to it quickly and you will have a very individual and personal gift.

    Photocard for the lantern

    Photocard is particularly suitable if the artwork has to endure. Of course, it rains twine to the Lantern Festival, or the wind blows to attack. The lantern should therefore be made of a material that defies the autumn weather and yet is easy to work with. Here, the photo carton has proven to be particularly hard-wearing, yet flexible. After all, the material has been checked for decades in various kindergartens for its usefulness.

    The birthday card

    Your child is again invited to the birthday party? Are you looking for a gift idea? Forget Lego and co. Give it away as an "emergency case", of course, with photo cartons. Add a few crafting templates, depending on the child's age, and you'll have a gift that really matters. It does not matter if it's a boy or a girl. Since photo carton is so versatile, almost every child will find the right use. Whether for the patient Easter bunny - making crafts from the craft book, or to create with it boats in different shapes and sizes. Even figures made of papier-mâché can be created beautifully with photo cartons.

    The photo carton should not be bought as a single sheet.

    In our online shop you get photo carton in the package. This is always cheaper compared to the single purchase. Another advantage of our offer is that we offer the packages in different colors. So you order exactly the colors you need. Unlike buying photo paper from other vendors, it's not always the same color. Rest stacks are therefore not guaranteed.

    Photo carton: Not only for the little

    Deceleration, that is the motto of this century. There are many offers on the market. Here you can get rid of a small fortune. Just as effective, and still unbeatable cheap, is tinkering with photo cartons. Try again on a window picture, on birthday cards, or on a spring decoration. You will notice: the stress of everyday life subsides. They focus only on the craft work. The thought carousel does not turn for a while.

    Our online shop offers you a large selection of photo cartons for a reasonable price, and without any parking space and disappointment, if the desired product is currently not to be found at the local dealer.