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Frame in 10 x 20 cm

Photos in an extraordinary size as 10 x 20 cm want to find their place in a decorative frame. Commercially under this format are often difficult to find because they do not comply with the current standard sizes. Nevertheless, it is useful to have a framework in 10 x 20 cm at hand, because there are quite motives that come only in this dimension really good effect.

Which photos to frame are 10 x 20 cm?

In landscape mode, frames are 20 cm x 10 ideal in order to present panoramic images. Whole landscape strokes come with this format to their best advantage, without even an important detail is lost. Fields, mountain ranges, the sea - everything can be mapped 20 cm distant in 10 x. A suitable, interesting frames transforms the photos finally into small works of art that can be exhibited in a private gallery. Just as well the frame in 10 x can be used in portrait format 20 cm course. The special dimensions make it possible to present particularly high photo opportunities as towers or skyscrapers perfect and very detailed. Photos are in 10 x 20 cm as small posters and appearance is completed by the matching frame only really.

Frame 10 x 20 cm in numerous variants

A frame is obviously not equal to one frame. Even with the dimensions 10 x 20 cm, there is a wide range of models that can be, that suit the personal taste or the existing interior of the room in which the frame is to act as a decorative design element. Are a classic case of course the wooden frame. These are available in classic and simple, modern or antique in appearance. Often can also be selected from various glass types, including u. A. Normal glass, acrylic glass, glass museum or anti-reflective glass. Each variant making available its own individual advantages with it. Museum glass as provides an extra UV protection, anti-reflective glass on the other hand is particularly suitable when the image on a sunny place, for example, near a window, to be suspended. This special glass reduces the mirror effect, so that even in strong sunlight the viewing experience is not diminished, but still everything remains clearly visible. It is also possible with many models to order these as blank frames without glass and rear wall. They have chosen to home for an interior in country style, can also vote its frame in 10 x 20 cm wood on it. The frames are then, for example, provided with an attractive vintage effect, so conscious traces. For a gallery with slightly nostalgic atmosphere they are therefore ideally suited.

A host of combinations: frame 10 x 20 cm

Different frames in 10 x 20 cm can be also very good with and combine with each other and arrange. Not only for landscape photographers who like to try their hand at attractive panoramic images, frame 20 cm x 10 are indispensable in and should be readily available to present the best pictures appropriately. If the frame used in landscape mode, particularly wide designs can very well set the scene. Even people groups are ready, without loosing important details. The frame in 10 x 20 cm act already very impressive simply because of their size and are in any case to a style-forming element in the room. With a beautiful image inside hardly anyone will be able to resist the charm of this Gesamtkunstwerk. In particular, with broad trim frame are overlooked in 10 x 20 cm and almost certainly the heads turn. So therein issued photo receives actually the attention it deserves. When a subject so demands an extraordinary size, it is always good to have a matching frame in 10 x 20 cm at hand.

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