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Christening Gift Ideas

Are you looking for beautiful christening gift ideas? Whether for parents, grandparents or godparents, here are some tips for you!

Baptism is still one of the most important celebrations in the lives of religious families. Usually children are baptised at a very young age in order to know that they are protected and blessed by God from the very beginning. This occasion symbolically focuses on a good start for the child's life journey and this should be celebrated with family and friends. In a solemn baptism ceremony, the child to be baptised is welcomed into the Christian community and given gifts and heartfelt congratulations by the guests. After the birth, the baptism is usually the first big event in the life of the baby and the parents. Often the whole family is present, godparents and also grandma and grandpa are there with joy. Congratulations and christening gifts are always welcome on such an important day, especially if they come from the heart and remain in the memory for a long time. Depending on how close the bond is with the child and the parents, there is a wide range of beautiful christening gift ideas for every budget.

Christening gift tips

Personalised christening gift ideas!

Christening candles are the classic gift idea for a christening: There are beautiful christening candles with Christian motifs such as a rainbow, Noah's Ark or the Christian fish symbol. Personalised with name and baptism date, they become individual. For creative guests, there are craft kits with wax plates with which you can make a unique christening candle according to your individual ideas.

A personalised children's Bible is also a particularly nice gift idea for a baptism because it is individual. Here, the person being baptised is mentioned by name in all the Bible stories. If you wish, you can have the baptismal motto printed on the first page of the book. Tip: Ask the parents beforehand if someone is already giving a children's Bible. In many congregations it is customary for the pastor to give the first children's Bible to the person being baptised.

Christening gift ideas

Other christening gift ideas that make a very special gift with personalisation are:

A personalised "baby reading book", e.g. as a hidden object book about one's own family, is a very unique and very personal christening gift that ensures a lot of fun for the person being christened.

A christening bracelet in gold or silver, with sweet charms and a personal engraving will remind the person being christened of the special day for a long time to come.

A little guardian angel is also one of the traditional christening gift ideas. Especially personalised, the little companion is particularly beautiful.

Personalised tableware is a particularly beautiful christening gift idea. In a modern design, colourful and cheerful or classic, the plate and cup are utensils and mementos in one, which will accompany the christened child in everyday life for a long time. Similarly, a children's cutlery set, especially pretty with a name engraving, with which the christened can soon learn to eat.

Bigger and extravagant christening gift ideas!

Larger and more expensive gift ideas for a christening are, for example, the first bobby car - OR driving fun for indoors and outdoors, and the first running bike. It's practical if the running bike is already ready to go in the garage when the time comes. Large play sets such as the Schleich animal sets (the large farm with animals) are definitely a lasting and sustainable christening gift! The hard rubber animals are real all-rounders and are always welcome and played with by parents and children.

Christening Gifts Ideas

A real highlight is a "time capsule" as a gift idea for a baptism: The "time capsule" can be a pretty box or a specially designed cardboard box. The "time capsule" is filled with memories of the day of the baptism, e.g. with a daily newspaper, the greeting cards of the guests, many photos of the service and the celebration afterwards, perhaps a USB stick with current music and of course with everything that connects you with the baptised child. The baptised person can then open the time capsule on the occasion of a special event (communion or confirmation) or a special birthday (eighteenth birthday). Of course, the best thing is if the person giving the gift can be there.

A truly extraordinary gift idea for a christening is a star: So-called "star christenings". Star christenings are gifts for eternity. The baptised star will accompany the recipient throughout his or her life and is a gift that will be remembered forever. A baptism is a great occasion to baptise a star for the person being baptised. This is a great surprise and a really unusual christening gift idea to welcome the person into your life.

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