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Perfect pictures for Instagram

The perfect Instagram picture!

What does the perfect Instagram picture need? By now, about 15 million Germans use Instagram at least once a month to post pictures from their lives. Most users are not professional photographers and you too can skilfully stage your pictures on the popular photo platform with a few tips and tricks. Instagram is no longer about coming up with something completely new! Instead, use existing Instagram formats (flatlay, food, outfits, interiors) and make them unique and interesting with the help of your own visual language.

How often should you post something on Instagram? There is no clear answer to this question. Some users post between four and six pictures a day, others only one. If you have several pictures, it is advisable to post them throughout the day. On the other hand, constant posting can annoy your followers. Many users don't post that much themselves during the day, but they do like and comment on other Instagram users. Interaction and communication is very important because it also increases the number of followers. If you want to share several perfect Instagram photos, you can also post them in your Instagram Story, where they are visible for 24 hours.

The perfect Instagram picture

How do you get your perfect Instagram picture?

The basic prerequisite for perfect Instagram photos is the right technical equipment. The good news is that current smartphones offer great image quality, so you don't have to buy an expensive SLR camera. You'll also notice this when you print out smartphone pictures to stick in a photo album or hang up.

Perfect pictures for Instagram need perfect lighting conditions. Daylight, i.e. light from outside, is always best for your pictures. So make sure to take bright photos, this also applies to selfies. You should generally avoid backlighting with your smartphone camera, because the subject will then usually be too dark. If you take photos indoors, e.g. in your flat, you will always have to deal with different lighting conditions, depending on whether it is cloudy or sunny outside. In this case, it's worth buying so-called softboxes, which always illuminate your perfect Instagram photos well.

An especially important tip is to take enough time to take your perfect Instagram photos, especially in the beginning. By practising regularly, you will steadily improve. You'll get an eye for how to best arrange the photos and which topics go down particularly well on Instagram.

perfect pictures for Instagram

Since all your images will be displayed on your Instagram side in square format, it is especially important that your photos are optimised for exactly this format! Even if you take photos in a different ratio (e.g. 4:5), the centre square crop should look good in your feed. It's best to make sure that your perfect Instagram picture will look good square when you take it, and perhaps adjust the subject accordingly, similar to how you would crop a real picture frame. It would be a shame if an important part of the photo is cut off in the end because you didn't pay attention to the final format.

More tips for your perfect Instagram picture!

Perfect Instagram photos that feature one or more faces are particularly popular. Selfies and shots with people bring a picture to life, which in turn goes down well with the Instagram community. Make sure that less is often more, also when choosing a subject. The photo should not be too colourful, not too exciting and not too flashy.

Basically, perspectives are very important when taking photos. Depending on what you want to post, different views are recommended. Whether it's food, shoes or a beautiful jewellery arrangement: photographed from a bird's eye view (so-called flatlays), things look particularly beautiful and no detail is hidden from the viewer. This perspective is very suitable for photos of a table set with pretty crockery and delicious food! For landscape and interior photos, there are countless opportunities in everyday life that you can use to take unique photos. Make sure you keep a clear line. Parallels to the edge of the picture should be considered before taking the photo, so that a graphic alignment is created. Buildings whose structure contrasts strongly with the environment are also excellent motifs. But unusual perspectives also go down well. For example, an interesting reflection in a puddle or a sunset photographed lying down on a dream beach can become very beautiful and unusual pictures.

Tips Instagram Photo

With a simple edit of your images, you can create perfect Instagram photos: On average, images with lower colour saturation are more popular than those with high colour saturation. The same goes for images dominated by greens, greys and blues. So-called. Picture frames are now perceived as annoying, which is why it is better to avoid them and other alienation effects for your perfect Instagram picture.

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