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Unusual wedding location

Where will the wedding be celebrated? Classically in a registry office and church or rather in an unusual wedding location?

After the proposal or the joint decision to tie the knot, the bride and groom have to deal with a lot of work as well as many great moments. There are countless decisions to be made in connection with the wedding day.

Whether it's an unusual wedding venue, an unconventional party room, a romantic castle with a wedding hall that would please any knight, a manor house with a more rustic charm, a modern rooftop bar above the rooftops of your city or a hotel with a festively decorated and noble hall: beautiful and unusual wedding venues abound. For every couple, every taste, every style and every budget, you can find an extraordinary wedding venue for the perfect celebration.

More and more couples have had enough of the dusty classic: first the wedding ceremony in the registry office of the local town hall and then for God's blessing to the wedding in the church. Especially unusual wedding locations and extravagant or maybe even a little crazy places to get married are popular. Different from all the others and different from anything that has been done before. The wedding guests should really be amazed at the sight of the extraordinary wedding location!

Wedding location

Depending on the style and motto of the planned wedding, the perfect location provides the appropriate setting. Reason enough to give a lot of thought to the suitable location for the wedding celebration early on. It doesn't matter whether it is to be a romantic fairytale wedding, a nostalgic vintage wedding or a summer wedding outdoors: An exceptional wedding venue will be the perfect backdrop for the bride and groom's special day. We at Fotoalben-Discount would like to share a few ideas with you regarding an unusual wedding location.

Ideas for an extraordinary wedding location!

There are no limits to the imagination when it comes to choosing an extraordinary wedding location. Whether in the water, on the water, in the air, under and of course on earth: there are many unusual wedding locations!

Wedding high above: Courageous couples who also need a bit of action on their wedding day and are free from giddiness might like a wedding ceremony in a hot air balloon as an unusual wedding location. "Love is in the Air! Families and friends will be there again after the landing.

Wedding deep down: Diving fans in love may dream of an extraordinary wedding location where you can get married in a wetsuit. Wedding ceremony in the lake with bridal bouquet and compressed air cylinder. After getting married, the bride and groom resurface as a married couple and celebrate with their guests.

unusual wedding location

Wedding surrounded by fish: If you love water and fish but don't think much of diving, you can rent an aquarium as an unusual wedding location. Surrounded by tropical fish, the wedding guests can be present when they say "I do". Zoos are a similarly unusual wedding location - including wild animals as guests on the fence.

Wedding at the top: A couple that loves nature, mountains and hiking would certainly like to say yes at a lofty height. After the ceremony they go to the alpine hut. Far away from everyday life and pure nature, this could be the perfect extraordinary wedding location!

A wedding for time travellers: At a medieval wedding, the bride and groom celebrate in noble garb at a castle, with court jesters in their retinue and suitably dressed guests. In order for the unusual wedding location to look authentic, everything has to match this special theme in terms of decoration.

Wedding on the water: An extraordinary wedding location is and remains a ship. With a view of the lake or the sea, it becomes romantic and unforgettable for the couple and the guests.

Underground wedding: Couples who shy away from daylight and are looking for a truly unusual wedding venue can get married in a cave. Whether it's a stalactite cave or an ice cave, it's always dark and chilly - so the bride and groom and their guests have to dress warmly.

Extraordinary wedding venues with a special flair: If football is an important part of the bride and groom's life, a wedding in a football stadium can be a good choice. And if the bride and groom like the combination of vintage cars and lofty heights, a wedding in the famous Raisin Bomber is even possible.

extraordinary wedding location

To remember the day in the extraordinary wedding location as well as possible, a wedding album is perfect. This way you can always think back to the beautiful day.

What should the couple consider when getting married in an unusual wedding location?

For the most beautiful day in life, it is definitely worth planning something extraordinary.If the registry office is not the favourite for the wedding ceremony, then in principle nothing stands in the way of the bride and groom to creatively, curiously and courageously fulfil their dream of a unique, extraordinary wedding location.

Despite all the creativity, there is one caution: the more unusual the location, the more time-consuming the organisation beforehand. It is better to check with the relevant registry office in good time whether it is even possible to get married at the desired location and what requirements have to be met. Even the beloved football club has to approve a wedding on the pitch in advance. So plan early and clarify everything that is possible. Then the special day will certainly be remembered by everyone! For more tips and ideas, please contact us.

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