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    Tablecloths are the heart of the home

    Without tablecloths on the table, a piece of character is missing from the home.

    When you come together as a family, when meals are eaten, holidays are planned, games are played, painting and tailoring are done, the heart of the home has to serve: A table as large as possible that is the focal point of the dining room or kitchen.

    Visitors also take a seat at it. As you can see, a table goes through a lot and "experiences" a lot in the course of its existence. If only it could talk!

    And since a table is used in so many ways, it is best if it has the right "wardrobe" for every occasion. In our online shop at fotoalben-discount.de, you can order a colourful selection of affordable and practical tablecloths.

    Tablecloths create diversity

    With the right tablecloths, you can create the right ambience for any situation. With an assortment of different tablecloths, you make your home as flexible and colourful as your life itself is. In our online shop at fotoalben-discount.de, you will find a wide variety of qualities. Be it that the tablecloths really have to withstand something, or that the table should simply look beautiful. Are you meeting friends to cook and eat? Then something special clearly has to be on the table. But this is not only related to the food. The table itself, with colourful tablecloths made of practical oilcloth or PVC, will create a lively basis for lots of fun among friends.

    Oilcloth tablecloths for many occasions

    Have you also experienced this? You find the old tablecloths from back then in the attic and suddenly so much is vivid in your memory again. The painting in childhood, the unrestrained crumbling on Sunday mornings and also the guilty conscience because you had secretly painted on the tablecloths as a child. In fact, the first thing you will have noticed after your find is that the good old piece looks almost the same as it used to. Oh, if only we had this in common with you! Tablecloths made of oilcloth do not age. Because they are almost indestructible. What's more, they are washable and can even withstand hot pots. Next, you may have wondered that the traces of the mischief of that time, the scribbling with the felt-tip pen, have completely disappeared. Back then, your mother could remove stubborn stains from the oilcloth very well with a little "dishwashing liquid" and the scratchy side of a sponge. Yes, you read that right. Even the scratchy side does nothing to the robust quality.

    Tablecloths made of oilcloth in a timeless design

    But even if there are still well-preserved specimens that have survived our childhood days just as well as we have, tablecloths made of oilcloth are by no means antiquated in design and material nowadays. These table coverings are available in our online shop at fotoalben-discount.de in many designs and patterns from rustic-folkloristic to classic-simple. They will withstand everything that you and your family will go through at the table in the course of your life and are also ideal for the terrace and the garden.

    Tablecloths and their helpers

    Beautiful and robust tablecloths are a pleasant eye-catcher and practical companion, especially in the garden. They also protect your garden furniture from pollen and everything that the wind brings with it. Speaking of wind: In our online shop at fotoalben-discount.de you can order decorative tablecloth weights for every taste and every tablecloth design. It's best to stock up on a selection of different decors, shapes and colours right away. Simply clip them on at all four corners and the next gust of wind won't harm your tablecloths. For undisturbed enjoyment alone or with friends & family at the garden table.

    Buy tablecloths and accessories at fotoalben-discount.de. Let our selection inspire and excite you.