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Scrapbook - not only ideal as a gift

Scrapbooks are more popular than ever and more and more people are discovering the scrapbook for themselves. The possibilities are huge and these beautiful photo albums are not only ideal as gifts, but you can also create a unique scrapbook with the most beautiful pictures of your children, your partnership or marriage or with your girlfriend. Scrapbooking offers you a great creative way to personalise your photo album so that you have something special for yourself and your loved ones.

What is scrapbooking anyway and where does it come from?

Scrapbooking has its origins in the USA and Canada and is a hobby. A photo album is created, but with stickers and small texts it becomes something very individual. Tickets for special events are also pasted in and provided with texts or stickers, as well as photos and other important and extraordinary things. Furthermore, a scrapbook is limited to the most important pictures and does not serve to create a collection of all children's pictures. One could also say that a scrapbook is a photo album with for example the most important life events, which has been creatively and individually enhanced. Of course there are no limits to the imagination.

You can also create a scrapbook!

If you now say that you are an absolutely uncreative person, you should not underestimate yourself. You too can create a great scrapbook, even if you are uncreative. Look on the internet for creative ideas, for example, and you'll see that once you start scrapbooking you'll quickly come up with new ideas. Because it's actually super easy and with some templates the creativity in scrapbooking comes all by itself.

What do you need for scrapbooking?

For scrapbooking, you mainly need clay paper or solid paper, which serves as a carrier for the images. You can use plain paper or coloured and patterned paper. A common format for scrapbooking is 30.5 x 30, 5 cm or 12 x 12 inches. You will also need the following materials:
  • 1. glue and a pair of scissors
  • 2. ornamental stamps or the like and stamp pads
  • 3. motive dancer
  • 4. embellishments, i.e. decorations of any kind made of fabric, cardboard or other materials
  • 5. colours such as coloured or felt-tip pens, watercolours or other colours
  • 6. material for binding the scrapbook, such as bast.
  • 7. eyelets in various shapes and colours
  • 8. motif adhesive tape for decoration

The possibilities are very large to create a scrapbook. You can provide the album with a simple wire comb binding or also with a thread stitching. You can use bast, cord or other materials to bind and staple the individual sheets with the pictures, or you have the possibility to weld the book. As you can see, no wishes remain unfulfilled and you can be extremely creative. You will find many utensils in our shop.

Discover the large selection of utensils for scrapbooking in our shop

In our online shop you will find a large selection so that you too can create your own scrapbook. Let the selection and prices convince you and also discover the world of scrapbooking so that you can give your loved ones great gifts. How about a scrapbook for your best friend? Look for pictures of events that you have experienced together and that will simply remain unforgettable. Or give your loved one a treat and create a personalized book of their life events together. As you can see, the possibilities for a scrapbook are very big and with such an individual gift you will always give joy. Of course you should not forget to create a very special book for yourself. Because scrapbooking is not only a hobby to do something good for your loved ones - you should not forget yourself.

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