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    Refill Mines to Protect the Environment

    Every year in Germany about 213 kg of waste per person are generated and thus the Germans are a sad world champion in waste production. To help everyone save the environment, refills are ideal. Although refillable pens are usually a bit more expensive, they give you the opportunity to use them for a long time as they can always be refilled. To do something good for the environment, everyone should resort to refillable pens.

    Refill Mines for Mechanical

    Pencils Pencils come in a variety of strengths and variations. We have all the refills you need for writing or drawing, so you can use your favorite pencil for a long time. Of course, you can get different mine strengths in addition to different mine hardnesses. The selection in our online shop is large and you can find refills for almost every mechanical pencil.

    Refill Mines for Gel Rollerball Rollerball Pens

    You will also find a large selection of different refills for rollerball pens, so that they can be replenished again and again and you can use them as you please. In this category, you can choose from thicknesses of 0.2 mm to 0.35 mm, as well as between the color red and black. Rollerballs are now very popular and even in schools, these are often used. Filler used to be the most important writing medium in school. In recent years, the gel rollerball pen has become popular and has become a very popular pen that is already used in middle school.

    Refill Mines for Gel Pens

    You will also find a large number of refills in our online shop for the different gel pens. You have a very large selection of strengths and colors, so that there is something for every taste. In addition to the colors red, black and blue, we also have violet refills available. So you can choose what you need without sacrificing anything.

    Refill mines are beneficial

    Refill mines protect the environment, that's for sure. Because especially people who write a lot or tinker, often need a lot of pens to decorate their creative ideas. Ballpoint or rollerball are used up relatively quickly and are thrown into the trash. Who now relies on refillable pens, not only protects the environment, but can easily continue after the exchange. Because it often happens that in the middle of the creative phase, the pen gives up and the ink is empty. Of course, a matching pen is not in the house and the colors are different. With Refill Mines, you always have the right color, so you can just pick up where you left off. Thus, you have the advantage that you have to take a break and on the other hand have the perfect color and no differences are apparent. For this reason, it is extremely useful to have pens that are refillable in the house.

    For just who individually designed a photo album, of course, no color differences in the individual photos. Unless different pens are used right at the beginning to make the album colorful. However, it would be a pity if the hues were different for a single color and so the whole album has to be improvised. Because in the end you are not satisfied with it because you know that it could have been much better - if the pen had not given up the ghost. Decide for pens that can be refilled with refills, so that such problems do not even occur.