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Pollen paper for crafting, decorating & printing

Paper pollen can be used for many purposes. It is suitable for handicrafts, for gluing and for decorating or printing. It is available in different colors and different formats. For this purpose, it has a good quality and can therefore also well made.

Available in various colorshigh-quality pollen paper from Clairefontaine

The high quality pollen paper Clairefontaine there arein Fort A4 in packs with 25 sheets as well as in packs of 50 sheets. Depending on requirements, this can be decided for themselves how much is needed. There are not only white paper pollen, because even in bright colors and in ivory, sand, gray and black, the leaves are available. If someone looks for colored paper, is different shades of blue, green, red and yellow tones. But in pink, gold and many other colors, the pollen of paper. However, you want it to one size larger that packs A3 can help with 50 sheets. These are available in the colors black, raspberry, lavender and chocolate. These Clairefonatine offers a pollen pack with 20 envelopes in Ivory.

The purposes for which the paper is pollen?

Suitable is the pollen paper Clairefontaine ideal for printing high-quality invitations, church booklets and much more. So you can for example use the ideal ivory pollen paper for wedding invitations. The envelopes in the same color also fit perfectly to it. But even invitations for other special occasions can be beautifully printed by the pollen of paper. Including Christmas invitations and invitations for birthdays, baptisms or similar paper can be created with the pollen. For further announcements and notices relating to one's own life, the paper can be very well used. Printing can it be either by laser printing as well as through the ink jet printing. However, the pollen paper is great also suitable for handicrafts. It may very well cut, pasted or be decorated. If you want, for example, place cards for the upcoming holiday crafts, the paper can be ideally used. Also suitable is the pollen paper for example when crafting beautiful decorations. In addition, the pollen leaves can be used as interleaves in the folder or folders. Thus, here the sides from one another and thus ensures order. Of course you can also pollen paper for drawing and writing use.

What is important when pollen on paper buying?

If you want to buy the paper pollen finally, you should consider the purpose for which it is needed first of all. The leaves are used for handicrafts, drawing or decorating or should they be printed and represent an invitation to a church booklet or a similar product? If the paper is used for example for a certain solemnity, the color can be adjusted appropriately for the occasion. If you want to use the pollen leaves, however, for crafting, you can also select multiple colors. You should pay attention in any case that the pollen paper fits the purpose. Furthermore, the pollen paper should be of a certain quality. The leaves of Clairefontaine are very high quality and offer a very good quality. Visually, they look noble. In addition, they can be printed well and glue. In addition, they have a nice thick.

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